50 ways to promote your photography business

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  • Is marketing important for photographers?

    You bet it is! WAYS

  • SEOOffline PromotionFlipsnackSocial MediaNetworkingEmailAdvertisingOthers


  • SEO

  • 1Use keyword targeting to get more traffic

  • 2Optimize your websitesloading time

  • 3Make your website mobile-friendly

  • 4Keep adding fresh content on your blog

  • 5Get backlinks

  • 6Submit your studio location to Google Maps

  • 7Get on Yellowpages.com, Yelp and Foursquare

  • 8Give all your photos good alt attributes


  • 9Print out business cards and offer them to clients and acquaintances

  • 10Go to local wedding fairs

  • 11Build a relationshipwith your customers

  • 12Surprise your clients

  • 13Volunteer to shoot an event

  • 14Differentiate your photography business

  • Through

  • 15Create pricing guides

  • 16Offer photo albums, both print and digital

  • 17Make an online portfolio featuring your best shots

  • 18Create a mini-ebook or guide for your clients

  • Using Social Media

  • 19Post often on your Facebook page

  • 20Tag your clients in pictures

  • 21Link to your website

  • 22Get into local Facebook groups for weddings, pregnancy, newborn moms etc.

  • 23Create an Instagram profile

  • 24Use Instagram hashtags

  • 25Follow your clientson Instagram

  • 26Follow your competitors followers

  • 27Start a hashtag project

  • 28Pin from your websiteon Pinterest

  • 29Use your Pinterest as a resource for clients

  • 30Always write photo descriptions on Pinterest

  • 31Install a Pinterest sharing plugin on your site

  • 32Start a Google+ page

  • 33Start a LinkedIn page

  • 34Encourage engagement

  • 35Organize contests

  • 36Try a social media automation software

  • Through Networking

  • 37Engage with fellow photographers on photo communities

  • 38Be active on Q&A sites like Quora

  • 39 Submit your work to other photography websites/blogs

  • 40Connect with local influencers

  • 41Connect with professionals who can promote you

  • 42Collaborate with other photographers on various projects

  • Through Email

  • 43Build email lists

  • 44Send newsletters

  • UsingAdvertising

  • 45Offer discounts forless busy periods

  • 46Online advertising Social Media ads or Display Advertising

  • 47Sponsored posts on Facebook/ Instagram

  • Others

  • 48Make photo slideshows on Photosnack

  • 49Make promotional videos

  • 50Take advanced courses

  • You dont have to do everything and try all ideas.

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