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Analysing my first images K.Brett

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A few notes on the reactions I had after my first photo 'shoot' around school.

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Page 1: Analysing my first images K.Brett
Page 2: Analysing my first images K.Brett

I think this is a good example of the rule of thirds as the subject matter is in the left third. This photo also demonstrates the rule of foreground interest as the focus point is in the front with the background fading. Lines in this picture point to the subject but also lead you to what the person may be looking at. Finally the image is fairly simple and not to cluttered, this allows you to focus on the subject with no distractions.


Page 3: Analysing my first images K.Brett

I think this photograph demonstrates some of the rules of composition including simplicity and balance. There is a focus point emphasized by the blurred foreground. This picture is quite simple so there are no distractions to the main subject and the balance of light and dark is really effective, making the patterns stand out.

Page 4: Analysing my first images K.Brett

I really like this picture because it is visually stimulating by the way in which it makes you wonder what the person is looking at; the lines of the bricks and the doors lead you to the main subject. The picture is simple and the contrast

between light and dark is balanced.

Page 5: Analysing my first images K.Brett


This image was taken using the macro setting on my camera – the foreground is blurred which makes the focal point more apparent but I don’t think there is anything stimulating or exciting about it. The clutter in this picture makes it less dynamic so the image needs cropping.

Page 6: Analysing my first images K.Brett

The patterns on the subject make the photo interesting and the focal point is clearly defined, however this image doesn’t follow many rules of composition; it is cluttered and not focused on the main subject enough. In order to improve this photograph, it needs to be cropped and this will make it simpler and the subject less central.

Page 7: Analysing my first images K.Brett

This picture looks really interesting because the perspective is unusual and it includes leading lines which draw your eyes to the centre but I think it could be improved by zooming in as the background distracts the viewer’s attention off the main subject .

Page 8: Analysing my first images K.Brett

DISASTERBecause I was capturing this picture and people were moving it is slightly blurred; the leading lines do not particularly lead you anywhere and there is so much to look at that the focus point is not clear. To improve this it would need to be cropped and sharpened as some elements are blurred.