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  • Ancient Greek Art

    Kassi Nagorski


    Southeastern Oklahoma State University

  • Introduction

    The arts of ancient Greece have exercised an

    enormous influence on the culture of many countries

    all over the world, particularly in the areas of

    sculpture and architecture.

    Forms of art developed at different speeds in

    different parts of the Greek world, and as in any age

    some artists worked in more innovative styles than


    In this presentation, we will look at Greek pottery,

    architecture, and paintings.

  • Pottery

    The range of colors which

    could be used on pots was

    restricted by the technology

    of firing: black, white, red,

    and yellow were the most


    In the three earlier periods,

    the pots were left their

    natural light color, and were

    decorated with slip that

    turned black in the kiln.

  • Architecture Most of our knowledge of Greek

    architecture comes from the few

    surviving buildings of the

    Classical, Hellenistic and Roman

    periods (since Roman

    architecture heavily copied

    Greek), and from late written

    sources such as Vitruvius (1st

    century CE).

    This means that there is a strong

    bias towards temples, the only

    buildings which survive in any


  • Painting

    Panel Painting

    The most respected form of art, according to authors like Pliny

    or Pausanias, were individual, mobile paintings on wooden

    boards, technically described as panel paintings.

    The techniques used were encaustic (wax) painting and tempera.

  • Conclusion

    Well into the 19th century, the classical tradition

    derived from Greece dominated the art of the

    western world.

    Strong local traditions, conservative in character, and

    the requirements of local cults, enable historians to

    locate the origins even of displaced works of art.

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