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Bubble wrap art

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Moved recently, and found yourself buried under piles of leftover bubble wrap? Get some inspiration from artist Bradley Hart, get your creative juices flowing, and make some bubble wrap art pieces by yourself!

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Artist Bradley Hart Is a pioneer inBubble wrap art.He's createdamazingcelebrityportraits fillingbubble wrapsheets withpaint.

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The technique itself isquite simple. Hart justinjects the bubbles withvarious shades of liquidpaint.

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In order to get a completecomposition, however, one shouldhave a great artistic vision.

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And here's what happens whenyou give in to the urge to pop allthe bubbles.

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The results are unusual, but still beautiful.

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The Good News Is:You don't have to be anaspired artist to have greatfun with bubble wrap andsome paint.

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Grab some paint, improvise a canvas and putyour bubble wrap creativity to work. Your kidswill love it too!

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We promise to leave all thebubble wrap to you!