Children and Baby Photo Editing and Retouching Services

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<ul><li><p>Children and Baby Photo Editing and Retouching Services </p><p>Photo editing and retouching services for children. Our services include: </p><p>- Photo editing for new born babies </p><p>- Baby portrait in studio background or white background </p><p>- Place your baby on a flower </p><p>- Add flower crown </p><p>- Add cartoon character or fictional character to photo </p><p>- Replace background with scenic view, Disneyland, beach or Cowboy </p><p>- Birthday party photo retouching </p><p>- Photo editing for children's school photos for yearbook </p><p>- Blemish removal </p><p>- Squint, squinchy &amp; cross-eyed correction </p><p>- Crooked or missing teeth correction </p><p>- Eyeglass glare removal </p><p>- Child &amp; teen beauty pageant </p><p> Flower baby photo editing. Place your baby on a flower </p></li><li><p> Photo has been touched up to remove tears from baby's face </p><p> Photo background changed from beach shot to tree-lined nature view </p></li><li><p> Background change in photo </p></li><li><p> Add your child to beach photo of kids </p><p> Photo editing used to convert photograph to partial sketch </p></li><li><p> Photo retouching: Flower crown headpiece for little girl </p><p> Birthday party photo retouching </p></li><li><p> Cowboy background added </p></li><li><p> Disneyland background added to children's photo </p></li><li><p> Photo editing: Child's cross-eyed look changed to normal </p><p> Eyeglass glare / camera flash reflection removed from boy's spectacles </p></li><li><p> Fun Photo Editing: Huge handlebar moustache added to little boy's face </p><p> Little boy's face retouched to reduce freckles and marks </p></li><li><p> Team photograph edited to make one of the girls look taller </p><p> Squinchy eye correction </p><p>For more information visit at </p><p> </p></li></ul>