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Course: Create, Publish and Sell Photo Coloring Books for Profit Creating Coloring Books – Themes and Concepts

Create, Publish and Sell "Photo" Coloring Books for Profit!

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Course: Create, Publish and Sell Photo Coloring Books for ProfitCreating Coloring Books Themes and Concepts


Turn your photographs into coloring books and sell them on Amazon!This is a course that I have very much enjoyed constructing as it is just such a flat out good idea from so many directions that a person can have one heck of a lot of fun with this if one knows how to do it. Anyone who knows how to upload a photo online, knows how to use an application like Microsoft Word and has the wherewithal to be able to purchase or rent Adobe Photoshop (Adobe does have month to month rental plans available online for this software) can be creating coloring books in probably less than an hour.Publishing a coloring book will probably take you about a day for the first one mainly because you need to learn how to do it and the first one always takes longer. Once youve learned how to publish it online you can probably start getting them out there with less than half a days worth of effort. And then you just learn how to promote them to others to make sales or just order them for yourself and hand them out to people if your intent is for more personal or direct use.



Children and family picture coloring books. Create the coloring books for fun and print them off at home no need to commercialize them at all. Just a new interesting way to create some fun. Take pictures of each other, of pets, toys, animals, zoos, and remembered landmarks, etc.Wedding photo coloring books something fun to create and share with extended family members after the wedding as a Thank you for attending gift. You might even put these on Amazon and tell those at the wedding to purchase them to help defray some of the wedding costs.Trips taken coloring books to remember trips taken, camps attended, etc.

From a Personal Perspective


Use travel photos to create coloring books about different locations youve been to or obtained photos from online. Wedding photographers could differentiate their services this way and build in another revenue stream for their wedding photography businesses. School fund raisers coloring books featuring photos and coloring stencils of school outings, etc. Possibly get pledges to purchase or payment up front beforehand from parents as a fund raising option. Coloring book albums of landmarks, travel destinations, animals, buildings, cars, boats, trains, people, wine bottles, postage stamps, etc. Doodle books. These are smaller in-size coloring books that can fit in a purse or briefcase easily. Something to do sketching and coloring while sitting at a boring event, commuting to and from work on public transit, etc.Day timers create pocket day-timers with a to be colored picture on each page a new one for each day. Just something a little different to make the day more enjoyable for people.

From a Business Perspective


You need a computer and access to Adobe Photoshop an application many people already have.Publishing on Amazon is FREEPublishing on CreateSpace is FREEGetting photos for your coloring book is also FREE.Paying for additional advertising is optional to you.

The Cost of Implementing This Business?


These are just some ideas I have come up with to help you understand the concept of this. Let your own creativity run and bring life to these suggested ideas or other ones you may think of. This is something you can do and create in your spare time that is creative, fun and can earn additional income for you if you wish to take that path. Click image below or text to take the full coloring book course for only $20

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