David Ross Origami - Incredible Origami Inventions

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  1. 1. The most incredible origami inventions A SELECTION FROM DAVID ROSS ORIGAMI
  2. 2. Origami pot grows as plant does Designers Bike and Begum Ayaskan have invented a plant pot that uses origami to grow as the plant does This means that another pot will not be needed when the plant is fully grown. It uses polypropylene materials, and a very extensively thought out folding pattern.
  3. 3. Building Block Units These units were designed by Michal Kosmulski and use regualar square origami and are based on the original origami building block that uses 6 business cards Using square paper he has created many different and unique designs instead of just a cube, they can be all combined together to make even larger projects.
  4. 4. The Self Assembling Robot This model starts off flat before assembling itself into a device that can move on its own and even make turns. The self- folding process only takes around 4 minutes to complete.
  5. 5. Amazingly realistic origami Robert Lang is an origami professional who has toured the world giving lectures on his special blend of origami and extremely complex maths. He has used formulas to revolutionize the art form, giving other folders the ability to create very realistic designs. His models feature a typically lifelike quality to them and are exhibited around the world.
  6. 6. A presentation by David Ross Origami