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research media a level lily allen

Text of Digipak and magazine genre analysis

  • 1. The layout of this digipak andalbum advert is highlyconventional as they include allthe elements that the audienceneeds to be informed about. Suchas artists name, album title, songlist and image of the artist andlinks back to institutions. I believethat this album release is veryappealing to the target audiencedue to the comical factors, such ashow the song list has been placedout, Lilys care free attitude andhow shes been placed on thealbum. The whole mise-en-sceneof the album and promotionalmaterial suit each other and theartists genre, style within themusic industry and her brandimage. Lily is well known for notcaring about how she is preservedyou can also tell this by her streetstyle clothing choices such as thedress and trainers and gold hoopearrings. I believe that the genreindie pop is clear from these twopieces of promotional materialhowever I do believe thataudiences could assume that shebelongs within the pop genre dueto the use of colour and thecomical element throughout herpromo material. However I chooseto look into the two otherdigipaks and adverts from the popgenre to look at the differentconventions between pop andindie pop digipaks. Colour and theimage of the artist seems to be themost important elements toconvey genre.This is the magazine advert for Lily Allens album Alright still, as youcan see the same image has been used throughout every elementof promotional material this helps to create a consistent campaign,and helps the audience to realise the brand recognition.

2. Red is a predominate colour throughout Rihannaspromotional material for her album LOUD Ibelieve that this is due to the connotations thatthe colour is associated with such as love,sexuality and passion. I think that this colour hasbeen chosen as it suitably reflects Rihannas brandimage of being sexy, provocative, and easy going.The the font is very simple, neat and symmetrical.The font is stylish and leaves the image the mainfocus as opposed to the font being too bold andoverrides the image. The redundant elements ofthe album cover/digipak such as the barcode andcredits can be seen scattered across the back ofthe album.The genre of this digipak and album is easy to work out due to what the artist is known for, however if an audience came across the artist forthe first time they might associate this artist as being in the classical genre of music due to the softness of the album. However there is acontrast with this idea within the mise-en-scene of the album and the way that Rihannas brand image has been constructed which leads usback to believing that this is a pop album, the styling of the artist and her hair and make-up all reflect a vibrant quality therefore creating amore fun outgoing side.This digipak is unusual in some ways as the artist has her eyes closed, this is odd because its usually conventional for the artists eyes to beopen as this engages the audience and creates direct contact between artist and audience, this would also usually create a connectionbetween the two. Although even though I believe that this element of the digipak is unconventional I still believe that it works as her eyes maybe closed as she could be embracing and feeling the music that is within this album, this works well with Rihannas brand image and the use ofred colouring as a sense of passion is symbolized through the red of the roses, which could be taken in two ways either the passion for hermusic or telling the story to her audience of what is involved within her songs.The close up image used outlines the lack of imperfections the artist has, there is a huge amount of saturation and exposure throughout thealbum cover to really embolden the lines, shapes and shadows of the cover star. For example the eyelashes, hair and jawline and lips all jumpout from the photograph. The red hair and red lips have connotations of sexual energy and attraction, and the enviable dark, long lashes areiconic symbols of beauty. This would push the large portion of female fans Rihanna has to see her as stunning and an idol.This is the magazine advert for Rihannas album Loud there is an obvious similar style thatruns throughout these two elements of promotional material. The same image has beenused for both the advert and the digipak this create a consistent campaign throughout eachpiece of promo material. 3. The main images within Katy Perrys Teenage Dream digipak are consistent with hermusic video for the single California Gurls. The images show Katy on pink clouds thisworks with the brand image for this album as the whole concept is a surrealinterpretation of a candy land. This also works with the images of Katy as she has beensexualized throughout the promotional material for this album, being almost naked in allof her images. However although her brand image has always been about being sexy andappealing, this digipak and promotional material as a whole has a quite youthful funloving side due to the colour choices such as candy pinks, reds and fun blues as well asthe consistent candy imagery, as seen on the discs. Therefore this means that not onlydoes Katy Perry attract and older audience but also a younger range as they would seethis as being fun and quirky.The leaflet inside thedigipak carries thestyle of the pinkcandy floss cloudthroughout thewhole of the frontthis creates a highlyprofessional finish asthe whole digipaklooks uniform. Thiswould appeal toKatys audience as itseasily recognizablypop related.As you can see within this advert there is a very similar theme running through it, the candy idea. You can seethe sweets around her this clearly further illustrates the ideas around her album and other promotionalmaterial. Katy Perrys brand image has been portrayed again within this advert due to the use of the crown, thiscould portray her as being someone important or that the viewer and/or audience should look up to her as arole model.Similar colours choices have been used throughout this advert such as the pinks, blues, and other vibrantcolours. Again this further reinforces the style of this album and or digpak.