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Editing the documentary

To begin with, we added our intro sequence for which we used some archive material taken from the musical PotO Gold.

Next, we added in the title sequence with the transition effect dissolve. Then we put the title sequence over the PotO Gold so the music played continuously in the background without having to cut .

We then created another title screen of a quote which will be left on screen for 10 seconds so the audience has time to read and process it.

Then we cut public interviews and positioned them one after another in the sequence to create a series of voxpops.

We then dragged on to the sequence an establishing shot of where the first interview took place, and after this inserted a clip from the interview.

We added images to break up the interview with the interview in the background using the zoom transition.

Next we uploaded our interview with the Antique proprietor, adding in cutaways to visually reinforce what she is discussing.

Uploaded interview with general manager, marking in and out desired sections and dragging them on to the sequence.

Inserted pan shot of the restaurants interior as a cutaway during interview.

Uploaded our archive footage, using the mark in and out tool to select the section of the clip we wished to include.

Added in the titles of those we interviewed by creating a title and dragging this on to the sequence. We then inserted a cross dissolve at the beginning and end of the title to fade the text on and off screen.

On effect controls, we positioned this timeline using key frames to create a pan across the different images.

Finally, we opened our voice over in Adobe audition and imported this on to the sequence. We then marked in and out the sections we wished to use and dragged this on to the sequence.