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<p>Editing the digipak draft</p> <p>Editing the digipak draft </p> <p>Here I added a parental advisory logo as some of Saint Raymond's songs have swearing in and in a proper album, this would have to be recognised.Here I used the font copperplate gothic light to write the albums name and the artists name.</p> <p>I edited all of the inside pages in the same way. I chose images and resized them so theyre all the same. I plan to go back and edit these properly before my final version is submitted. </p> <p>Here I added a barcode- like would be seen on any back cover of an album. </p> <p>Here I added my company logo magnolia records but I need to go back and make this properly for the final version.Here I have used song titles off Saint Raymond's album young blood. I used the font copperplate gothic light to match the front cover and this makes it look more sleek and professional. </p> <p>Extra comments Overall I am pleased with this digipak as a draft but it definitely needs improvement. I will need to reshoot my photos as a girl as the face of the album doesnt really make sense as it should be a boy to represent the artist. The photos will however be in this sort of style with this sort of location. The boy who will be the face of the album and magazine advert will be the one lip syncing in our music video so there will be a link between the video and the album. </p>