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MURAL ART IN LAMAN SENI 7Introduction Mural art is becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia.Its not only a tourist attraction but also a great backdrop for locals to take pictures.Become a magnet that invite people to come and appreciate the arts.LOCATION



ARTIST: Syafiq Rasyid bin Abdul Jalil20 years old Lives in Taman Dagang, Ampang.Student from UITM Shan Alam

QUIT SMOKINGIt is important that everyone should know that smoking is harmful and for extreme situation it may cause serious illness. The motive behind this piece is to expose the people to the unseen effects of smoking on a persons health.

QUIT SMOKING3D Installation Use minimalist and existence of the smoking areaState that a smoker may look physically healthy but not inside

ConceptsPhysical AppearanceFirst impressionVisual preferenceSelf perception Verbal Messages

PHYSICAL APPEARANCEThe contrasting physical appearance is used to distinguish the lungs of the two types; smokers and non-smokers.The smokers lung is depicted as the dirtier, more damaged-looking lung whereas the non-smokers lung is depicted as bright, clean ad healthy.Non-verbal communication is used in this context to provide a visual form to communicate the differences between the two lifestyles.FIRST IMPRESSIONThe first scene that strikes the viewers eye is the contrasting condition between the two lungs.Viewers are disgusted by the lung on the left, as opposed to the healthy lung on the right.Through the slogan, viewers then realize these are lungs belonging to two different people, the smoker and the non-smoker.VERBAL COMMUNICATIONThe slogan sends the message, while the visual of the deteriorated lung reinforces it in the viewers mind.Forces smokers to re-evaluate their habits by reminding them about the effects of smoking that they cannot see (healthy on the outside, but not inside).

VISUAL PREFERENCEThe first response of the viewer toward the mural is disgust toward the smokers lung, preferring the healthier looking non-smokers lung.The visual preference of the viewer towards the healthy lung discourages the viewer to smoke, wanting to relate to the image of their healthy, non-smokers lung.SELF-PERCEPTIONThe image of the smokers lung makes the viewer (especially smokers) reflect on their habits, giving them a glimpse of what could be happening to their lungs that they cannot see.Smokers in particular are alerted to the fact that while they may look and feel healthy, the real effects are the ones that they cannot see.This self-reflection encourages smokers to stop smoking.



Founder is Zart Zaini.From Penang, Malaysia.Participated in many art events, Public Art Event, Penang Art Exhibition.

BUMI KUBumi ku is an artwork which uses 100% recycle materials such as plastic forks, spoons, cups and others are transformed into a forest of flora and fauna. Bumi ku inspires viewers to reduce, reuse and recycle.

BUMI KU3D Installation artwork Implement the concept of reuse, reduce and recycle materials.

CONCEPTSFirst ImpressionNon-verbal CommunicationPerception Organizational Communication

Organizational CommunicationThis mural art is drawn by an organization and the message they want to pass to the people through this mural art is to encourage viewers to reduce, reuse and recycle.PERCEPTIONFrom the artists perspective, this mural represents the importance and potential of reducing, reusing and recycling used materials. The artist does this by the interesting use of recycled materials and incorporating a variety of colours, patterns and sizes.From the perspective of the audience, the mural may be about reusing used materials instead of simply disposing of them.In conclusion, perception between the artist and the viewer may vary.FIRST IMPRESSIONVariety of colors and sizesInteresting usage of materialsGenerally an attractive view, it effectively catches the audiences eye to relay the underlying message.The underlying message being about inspiring the audience to reduce, reuse and recycle.

NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATIONMr. Zart ,the artist of this artwork is trying to remind us about the various uses of everyday materials and how we should find ways to reuse materials instead of throwing them away. He does this by producing an artwork using creative techniques and an interesting use of materials and colors to attract the attention of the viewer.MALAYSIAS PARADISE

ARTIST : SINCERE MERCHEstablished in 2010.From Kota Kinabalu, SabahInstagram @officialsincere

MALAYSIAS PARADISE The artwork presents the relaxation and heaven fullness of islands and beaches around Malaysia. As a country surrounded by beach and coasts, it is a clear message given to the audience on how beautiful and gorgeous of nature here.MALAYSIAS PARADISE Painting on siteDoors are presentable as chairs on beaches

CONCEPTSDress codeFirst impressionBody movementGesture and expressionProximity

Physical AppearanceTheme of the mural art is tropical The lady is wearing a green floral dress and holding a beach hat with a hibiscus flower on her hair The hibiscus flower on her hair represent the national flower of Malaysia (Malaysias Paradise)The attire that she is wearing matches the background and theme of the mural.FIRST IMPRESSIONThe overall look of the mural has a relaxing feel to it and it gives one the sense of being in the beachIt is very interactive and inviting because there is another bench for viewers to lean back against it The lady on the chair next door acts as a companion for the viewers to take picture withBODY MOVEMENTLying on the beachs bench and enjoy the sun light.Hand stroking her hair.Another hand is holding her hatOne leg is slightly bending in the comfortable position to show that she is relaxing on bench.GESTURE AND EXPRESSIONThe lady is smiling to the next bench. The lady look cheerful and friendly.PROXIMITYThrough this mural locals can receive a sense of proximity through their familiarity with the elements displayed in the mural.Locals are able to relate with the feel of local beaches as the Malaysian Paradise magazine, shaved ice and a plate of Nasi Lemak is displayed on the table beside her.