Evaluation of my school magazine front cover and

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  • 1. Evaluation of mySchool MagazineFront Cover and Contents Page.

2. My school magazine follows most of the codes and conventions of amagazine. The masthead is placed in the left hand corner of thepage and fills the top of the page. The issue date and number areplaced underneath of the masthead. The main coverline is theboldest and largest text on the page and stands out from the rest ofthe text, the text also anchors the image and links them together.The main coverline runs across the main image and the othercoverlines frame the main image. The size of the coverlines is 11pt. Ihave used the colours black and red as the main colours of the frontcover as they are simple colours which will attract a various amountof readers. I have set my contents page out in to four columns acrossone page. 3. To follow the codes and conventions my main imagefor my contents page does not have any relation tothe main image on the front cover. The wordcontents is located at the top left of the page. Thesize of the contents is 11pt which follows the codesand conventions. I have a lot of white spaceunderneath the contents so for the music magazineI will make sure that I have enough story lines to fillthe whole white space. 4. To create my school magazine front cover I used softwarecalled Photoshop. I found this software easy to use as I hadpreviously used it in other projects throughout school. Tocreate my school magazine contents page I used softwarecalled Quark Xpress. I had never used this programmebefore but I found it easy to use as my teacher explainedthoroughly how to use it before we started the task.I feel that I need to learn a lot more about the layout of amagazine before I create my music magazine. To make surethat I get the best grade I will choose colours carefully tomake sure I attract the correct target audience. I will alsomake sure that my skills have progressed a lot more so I canget the best result that I can, to do this I will practise myskills more on Photoshop and Quark Xpress. To make surethat there is no white space on my music magazine contentspage I will have extra contents features to use in case of thishappening again.