Feature article final version photo editing process

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Feature article final version photo editing process

Feature article final version photo editing process

1) Original Photograph (not edited)

2) Re-touch blemishes/imperfections to create a more finished (perfected) visual.

3) Apply a filter, makes the overall image brighter and more saturated (colours jump out more)

4)Adjust the contrast of the image to 91, creates a more drastic difference between the variety of colours and tones. (makes the darker tones pop out but still compliments the lighter tones).

5) Adjust the highlights from 0 to 20, helps to define facial features and highlight the colour of the eyes and lips, drawing the viewers attention to the bright colours.

6) Adjust the original shadow setting of 15 to -14. helps to define leg structure and juxtaposed colours of the leather jacket against the light skin tones.

7) Adjust the original temperature setting of 0 to -17. Setting the temperature setting to a negative number creates a slight blue tint to the image opposed to the slightly more orange tint when moving the dial to positive numbers. The blue tint works effectively with the image and the article as the article is fairly dramatic and sad, the colour blue is connoted with more mellow and sad emotions (a cold colour) compared to the happier warmer emotions that are connoted with the colour orange.

8) Adjust the brightness setting from 0 to 27. Enhancing the brightness helps to highlight facial features and make it more appealing to the eye as it stands out against the background.

9) Adjust the tint setting from 0 to 18. Applying a more enhanced tint will again enhance the richness and variety of the colours, giving them more depth.

10) Adjust the original saturation setting from 0 to 60 as again it brings even more richness into the image and almost makes the face pop out of the page more.

11) Use colour boost on the eyes and lips to make both brighter, sharp blue draws the eye to it. Finished image.