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Final DigiPak Photos-

Final DigiPak Photos-This is a slide show of all the final DigiPak photos. I have included annotations and step by step print screens to show how I got from the initial photo to the final hand in.

The location is urban amongst a street. Its a long shot, which makes the audience easier to establish where the photo has been taken.

The character Will Fixie is wearing a costume appropriate to the genre.

In the shot, is a Fixie bike, this is where the group received their original idea from, therefore its an essential prop.

Throughout we needed to make the changes consistent therefore made the same edit on every photo. However, on this photo we wanted to make it different and more artistic, similar to Jamie Ts artwork that we analysed previously.Therefore on this photo, we applied a artistic variation. This gave us the effect of brush strokes / a painted photo.After researching into fonts, we found a suitable one online. However it didnt look right on the image. We added a stroke onto the text, which created a white bubble around the outline. This made our final front cover come together.

Front Cover

We decided to zoom in on the photo, to focus on wills facial expression.

There is a shallow depth of field. After adjusting the aperture so that its small, a large amount of the background isnt in focus.

This is an outcome to all the fans. We consider all types of media sources and social networking that the fans would use.

This shows we have researched into target audience.

This is the effect we added to the writing.Inside digipak

To begin with we cropped the photo so it would fit into the size dimensions of a digipak.

Many photos from an older decade aren't as good quality as photos from today. Therefore the edits we made needed to be adjusted so they fit with the conventions more.We applied a grain, this made the photo less sharp. (It makes the quality appear less, however this works with our genre).The lighting used in this photo was natural, it was taken outside. (Again in an urban area, this is obvious because of the spray paint against a brick wall).Lastly we added a colour filter onto the photo. This makes the photo, have an all round colour on it. We decided to make the filter a colder blue colour, similar to older photos, the colour levels would be distorted, which makes it look more vintage and indie.

Inside digipak

This photo is already in focus enough however it would look better if it was a little sharper. So on photoshop we decided to change that.Again, like the others we applied the grain effect. To give it a more urban vintage effect.Previously we took the image to use however, because of where Will was stood, we were unable to keep the rule of thirds application. Therefore when we did crop it to match the size dimensions we decided to put will in the middle.

Throughout photo shoots and filming sessions, there are very little costume changes. We wanted to keep images consistent. The costumer looks urban with a baggy tee and jeans.Inside Digipak

This location wasnt the best to use as it doesnt quite fit with our normal conventions, however due to the time limit along with the class feedback, we decided that we needed to take a few more photos to definitely finish the Digipak with the best outcome. Natural lighting has been used, however the location is outside so we decided this would be best.Similar to the other photos, we applied a grain effect so that it looked more gritty.The lighting is bright therefore we didnt apply a blue coloured filter like the other photos.After zooming in on the photo, it focused more on the location which we thought would be best rather than an empty car park.

Font Change

Inside digipak

This is our back cover.

As we have created an identity for our artist we have to make up any songs names to put onto the album cover.

This photo has a rule of thirds, therefore we thought it would be good to use, as we could put the photos left of it. Attention would be brought towards Will and then the song titles.Similar to other photos, we applied the grain affect and blue colour filter.

Again we used the font from the internet, called Alabama. We then applied a stroke so that the writing had a white bubble around that too.After various forms of research we decided to have mercury records, written on our work. We thought it would be best for the character created, therefore needed to apply this to our album.Back Cover