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  1. 1. Learn Photo EditingVideo TutorialClick here to find out more
  2. 2. Learn Photo Editing ReviewLearn photo editing is a Photoshop and photography video tutorialcreated by Patrick, a hugely established graphic designer. This is atutorial I was personally hugely excited to use because I lovephotography and editing pictures. I myself am a novice though andwas apprehensive. What if it was all too complicated for me? Wouldit be value for money?Well I can safely say without doubt that this is value for money. Thetutorial as a whole is pretty fantastic with all sorts of wonderfultricks you can learn.
  3. 3. How it worksThere are a number of video tutorials for you to get your hands on to.You can transform your picture into different caricatures. You cancreate cartoon characters out of people. You can learn differentcolour techniques.You can learn how to really optimise your picture to something veryprofessional. The options are endless.What worked for me was taking each a step at a time. Once I felt Imastered one part, I moved the next.I was actually very impressed with some of the pictures I made andwas so surprised in how quickly I was learning. I do commend theeasy step-by-step process.
  4. 4. Are there disadvantages?I have struggled So far to find a con. It is largely agreat product. The one gripe I might have is attimes it took a while to understand a technique.This is probably more of an issue with me as I amquite a new born baby when it comes toPhotoshop. I do find it hard to navigate at times.Having said all this, the support is great. I asked afew questions and was swiftly given some goodadvice.
  5. 5. In ConclusionThis is generally a great tutorial. I wouldrecommend it to anyone who wants to sure uptheir photo editing skills. Or even if you want tolearn a new skill. This will definitely help you.For the price of $27 dollars this is for sure greatvalue for money.If you wish to find out more just click this link.