Madhubani Cushion Covers Is a Global Draw

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  1. 1. Madhubani Cushion Covers Is a Global Draw By Kraftnation
  2. 2. Madhubani or Mithila paintings of Bihar (India) like Punjab's phulkari are essentially folk paintings done by the rural women of Madhubani district
  3. 3. Madhubani upholds a 5000-year-old tradition of the art of bitra-chitra or wall painting to mark social occasions like the nuptial chamber of the bride and groom.
  4. 4. How to do madhubani Art work ?
  5. 5. Traditionally the artists use indigenous vegetable colors and bamboo sticks wrapped in cotton for painting on handmade papers.
  6. 6. Designs of Madhubani Cushion Covers
  7. 7. Golden Hand Painted Tribal Design
  8. 8. White Hand Painted Cushion Cover
  9. 9. Hand Painted Cushion Cover
  10. 10. Right place to Buy Authentic Madhubani Cushion Covers
  11. 11. Kraftnation designs eye-catchy authentic madhubani cushion covers that reflects true ancient art, and blend of vivid colors. Visit our selection to learn more: