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Melissa Van Hise’s Big Fish Wall Décor Art Collection

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 Melissa Van Hise acquire Big Fish art, New Century Picture and Picture It wall dcor art company. Before acquiring these companies, they happily launch Iconic Pineapple. In this brochure, we can collect and show all big fish wall dcor art. If you want to buy one of the wall dcor art, then call us @ (855) 826-4473.

Text of Melissa Van Hise’s Big Fish Wall Décor Art Collection

 Iconic Pineapple: An Exclusive Wall Decor Collection of Mellisa Van Hise Art Design and the Iconic Pineapple A beautiful line of wall dcor distributed exclusively through the trade. Iconic Pineapple is the ideal partnering of Melissa Van Hise, a creative visionary and Stan Terry, a sales and operations guru. Their new company is the perfect collaboration of complimentary talents, wit, temperament and a prevailing dedication to quality, style and customer enjoyment. Stan is a veteran of the home furnishings industry and best known as the long standing President and COO of New Century Picture through August, 2012. Professionals in the furniture and design industries will know Melissa as the creative entity behind Big Fish Art for 24 years. She was the founder and former CEO until September, 2012. Why Iconic Pineapple? We love everything about pineapples - their social history and symbolism of warmth and good will. As a design element they have inspired artists and craftsmen since the days of the American Colonialists. New Century Picture Wall Dcor Art Iconic Pineapple Brands Picture it Wall Dcor Art Iconic Pineapple Brands Big Fish Wall Dcor Art Iconic Pineapple Brands Join with us via social media Contact Iconic Pineapple 3015 Route 31 West Friendship, MD 21794 Ph - (855) 826-4473 Fax -888-245-7510 Email - [email protected] Web www.iconicpineapple.com