Motion detection sd card camera user's guide

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Motion Detection SD Card Camera User's Guide

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  • 1. | Leader In Video SurveillanceMotion Detection SD Card Camera Users GuideCM-S24326GY-DR 1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park, ShenZhen, Guangdong, China Tel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639

2. | Leader In Video SurveillanceSAFETY PRECAUTIONSWARNINGCAUTION1. Be sure to use only the standard adapter that is 1. Do not drop objects on the product or apply strongspecified in the specification sheet. Using anyshock to it. Keep away from a location subject toother adapter could cause fire, electrical shock, or excessive vibration or magnetic interference.damage to the product 2. Do not install in a location subject to high2. Incorrectly connecting the power supply ortemperature (over 120F), low temperature (belowreplacing battery may cause explosion, fire, -5F), or high humidity. Doing so may cause fire orelectric shock, or damage to the product.electric shock.3. Do not connect multiple cameras to a single3. If you want to relocate the already installedadapter. Exceeding the capacity may causeproduct, be sure to turn off the power and thenabnormal heat generation or fire.move or reinstall it.4. Securely plug the power cord into the power4. Remove the power plug from the outlet when thenreceptacle. Insecure connection may cause fire.there is a lightning. Neglecting to do so may cause5. When installing the camera, fasten it securely andfire or damage to the product.firmly. A falling camera may cause personal injury5. Keep out of direct sunlight and heat radiation6. Do not place conductive objects (e.g.screwdrivers,sources. It may cause fire.coins, metal things, etc.) or containers filled with6. Install it in a place with good ventilation.water on top of the camera. Doing so may cause7. Avoid aiming the camera directly towardspersonal injury due to fire, electric shock, or fallingextremely bright objects such as sun, as this mayobjects. damage the CCD image sensor.7. Do not install the unit in humid, dusty, or sooty8. Apparatus shall not be exposed to dripping orlocations. Doing so may cause fire or electric splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such asshock. vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.8. If any unusual smells or smoke come from the unit, 9. The Mains plug is used as a disconnect device andstop using the product. In such case, immediatelyshall stay readily operable at any time.disconnect the power source and contact theservice center. Continued use in such a condition CAUTIONmay cause fire or electric shock. RISK OF ELECTRIC9. If this product fails to operate normally, contact theSHOCK DO NOT OPENnearest service center. Never attempt to modify CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DOthis product in any way. (ZMODO is not liable for NOT REMOVE REAR COVER. NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTSINSIDE. REFER TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL.problems caused by unauthorized modifications orThis symbol alerts you that important literature concerningattempted repair.)operation and maintenance has been included with thisproduct.10. When cleaning, do not spray water directly onto This symbol indicates high voltage is present inside. It isdangerous to make any kind of contact with any inside partparts of the product. Doing so may cause fire orof this product.electric shock. 1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park, 1 ShenZhen, Guangdong, China Tel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 3. | Leader In Video SurveillancePRODUCT OVERVIEWProduct Overview Package includesKeep an eye on the people and places you care Please check your camera and accessoriesabout most with this color CCD bullet camera. included in the package. Those components areWith this camera installed, the DVR is just anas shown below:option. The camera will catch moving objection,focus on them and save them automatically inthe build-in SD Card.Featuring imaging providedby a 1/3" Sony Color CCD, it delivers great videoquality, reliable operation, a long operating life, and premium performance at an affordable price. With48 built-in IR LEDs, this camera can capture video innight vision mode up to 165 away. It is designed for CameraCard indoor or outdoor use and widely used at home and CC D CAM ERAoffice. Installation is easy and hassle free. A ERM CCD C CA AMERMain Features A CC D OM.C DOWWMO W .Z.ZMODWO .C W OMW Digital Recorder Camera Motion Detection & Auto PhotographingScrews Package Box Max 10X Digital Zoom Auto Saving and Covering Pictures1) CM-S24326GY-DR Motion Detection SD Card Small Capacity of Photos (21000 Photos/1GB) Built-in 4GB SD Card, Supports up to 32GB Waterproof Outdoor Bullet Camera SD Card1) Bracket Lens: 6mm1) A Card IR Irradiation Distance: 130-165 (40-50m)4) Screws1) Package Box1) Users Manual1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park,2 ShenZhen, Guangdong, ChinaTel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 4. | Leader In Video SurveillanceSCHEMATIC DIAGRAM 1 LEDs2 Lens4 Screw Adjustment 3 Mount Bracket 1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park, 3 ShenZhen, Guangdong, China Tel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 5. | Leader In Video SurveillanceCONNECTING CABLES RCA Cable DVR Video Balun Monitor BNC CableTo connect cables 1. Connect the BNC cable to the video connector attached on your camera 2. Connect the BNC cable to the Video Input on a monitor, DVR or Video Balun. 3. Connect the power adapter to the RCA Power connector attached on your camera. When themonitor is turned on, the camera image appears.Note It is very important that you identify these ends before installing the cable so that you have the correct ends at the correct location. 1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park, 4 ShenZhen, Guangdong, China Tel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 6. | Leader In Video SurveillanceHOW TO INSTALLBefore installation Please read the following instructions before installing your camera:You have to check whether the location (ceiling or wall) can bear five times the weight of yourcamera.Do not allow the cable to be caught in a pinched area, otherwise the electric line cover may bedamaged. This may cause cable breakdown or fire.When installing your camera, dont allow anyone to walk or stand under your installation site,and remove all valuable items. A dropped camera may cause injury to bystanders or harm tovaluable items.Installation procedure To install your camerastep 1 Drill four small holes on the mounting location.Note This camera can only be mounted on the wall. 1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park, 5 ShenZhen, Guangdong, China Tel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 7. | Leader In Video SurveillanceHOW TO INSTALLstepAttach the Main Body to the mounting location 2using the 4 screws supplied in your package. As shown in the picture, push the 4 screws into the four holes at the end of the camera Mount Bracket, then twist them into the holes on the wall using screwdriver.step 3 Last, adjust the slope of the lens by twirling the cameras up and down, left and right to make sure that the front of the Main Body is facing the cameras monitoring area. Loosen the screws on the two sides of the Mount Bracket to adjust the camera up and down, left and right. Note There are screws on the two sides of the camera Mount Bracket. With the screws on the two sides, you can adjust the cameras left and right, and with the screws under inside, you can adjust the cameras up and down to make sure that the camera is facing the monitoring area. 1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park, 6 ShenZhen, Guangdong, China Tel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 8. | Leader In Video SurveillanceCAMERA SPECIFICATIONSpecifications for NTSC & PAL Standard ItemDetails Product typeMotion Detection IR Waterproof SD Card Outdoor Camera Power input DC 12VNTSC Standard color system PAL Standard color system Broadcast type (525 Lines, 60 Fields) (625 Lines, 50 Fields) Power ConsumptionApprox. 1000mA Image device 1/3 inch SONY Color CCD Effective Pixels510(H) x 492(V), 250,920 pixelsNTSC StandardPAL Standard Scanning mode525 Lines625 Lines Synchronization mode Internal Synchronization Horizontal resolution420 TV Lines Minimum illumination 0.0Lux (IR Lamps on) IR Lamps48 LEDs IR DistanceVisible up to 40-50m(130-165) Signal output1.0Vp-p, 75ohmsFocal LengthZone Limit of Viewing Angle Lens Horizontal 53 6 mmVertical 45 S/N Ratio > 48dB Auto IrisAuto Gain Control ControlsAuto Back Light Compensation Auto Switching between Color and B&W by day and night change(D/N) Product colorSilver Operation temperature-1060 Size13"x5.4x5.4 Weight 2.52 lbs Material Aluminum Alloy1201-1205 ,Sangda Mansion, High Technology Park,7 ShenZhen, Guangdong, ChinaTel: 0755-3363-1636 Fax: 0755-3363-1639 9. | Leader In Video Surveillance FCC Statement Correct Disposal of This Product This device complies with part 15of the FCC(Waste Electrical & Electronic Rules. Operation is subject to the following Equipment) (Applicable in the two conditions:European Union and otherEuropean countries with 1) This device may not cause harmfulseparate collection systems) interference.This marking shown on the product 2) This device must accept any interferenceor its literature, indicates that it shouldnot be received including interference that may cause disposed with other household wastes at the end of undesired operation. its working life. To prevent possible harm to theenvironment or human health from uncontrolledwaste disposal, please separate this from othertypes of wastes and recycle it responsibly topromote the sustainable reuse of material Note resources. This equipment has been tested and found toHousehold users should contact either the retailer comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, where they purchased this product, or their localgovernment office, for details of where