My Journey with Photography

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My Photography Story

My Journey With Photography

Photography didnt start out as a passion Joined the yearbook staff as a photographerProvided freedom to skip boring high school classes

Photo by Katou YoshiArchiving yearbook photographs transformed into capturing snapshots of family moments

Photo by Cortney Barden

Photographing Kids

Photographing Important Events

Time to considerequipment upgrade

Which is better?

Nikon-Great lenses

Canon-Great technology

Nikon gets the nod

Vacations now become gateways for artistic expression

Time to ConsiderSkills Upgrade

McKay PhotographyLake Tahoe Photo Safari17

McKay PhotographyOld SacramentoPhoto Safari

On My Own

Where to go from here ?

Interest shown by others for workMarketing photographsIs a next logical step


Ways to get Free Marketing for Your Photography-

-Digital photography school

Final step:Make it a reality,build a website

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