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Why choose Staci Brennan for your newborn photographer?

Newborn photography Los Angeles/ Orange County

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  1. 1. Why choose Staci Brennan for your newborn photographer?
  2. 2. Its a clich, but they really do grow up fast! Unfortunately your newborn wont remain a newborn for as long as you might imagine. Its important to capture those special first moments so that you can cherish them for all time. As such, you want an experienced, professional photographer who can help you immortalize this wonderfully precious moment in time with your brand new bundle of joy.
  3. 3. Safety The most important aspect of newborn photography is safety. As a specialist in newborn photography I have firsthand, experiential knowledge of posing babies, especially newborns, and know which positions are safe and which are not this is extremely vital. While taking a great picture may be the main objective of any shoot, the safety of your child is of absolute paramount importance, and takes precedence over everything else. For this reason, all babies have a spotter while theyre being posed, similar to how one might have a spotter in the gym to step in and assist when necessary. Infants have not yet developed strength in certain muscles and therefore assistance and care is required to keep them comfortable and safe while simultaneously achieving maximal cuteness! It also ensures that mom can relax, and the focus of the session can remain where it should - on getting great photos. Additionally, if a baby resists a certain pose, I abandon it immediately. Your baby calls the shots!
  4. 4. Style My style of newborn photography is has a organic feel which makes your images to timeless and classic. You can display proudly for years to come! My setup consist of neutral and monochromatic colors paired with lots of different textures. When viewing the gallery on my website, youre bound to see several different props. I tend use blankets, wraps, hats, headbands, baskets, crates, wood bowls and other props in my sessions. I always on the hunt for new props!! I find a lot of my unique props from antique shops. I also include shots with you, your pets, and the rest of your family. There is nothing more special than a great connection of mom and dad with their new bundle of joy. I shoot a with a combination of lifestyle and portrait photography to get a variety during your session.
  5. 5. Experience I have been doing newborn photography for seven years. As a result, I am extremely comfortable around babies - I just love them! Before your session, I provide a simple guide to show you how to safely help your baby feel sleepy before my arrival. The sleepier they are, the easier it is to pose them for their photo debuts, which leads to the smoothest experience possible.
  6. 6. If youre in the Los Angeles or Orange County area, be sure to contact me via my website to get started with a newborn photography session. www.stacibrennanphotography.com