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  • Digital and storytelling

  • Feeling pretty much in the dark about digital

  • National Trust, behind the times?

  • Work in partnership with experts

  • Actually we are pretty advanced as its about the story not the technology

  • Imagination can digital fill the gap?

  • VE perspective of this groupDigital could be the way to evoke imagination, much easier to explain with an imagehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSfATEZiUYo 3d image is great but the rest is a bit hit and miss so it tells us that ..

  • Content is key

    Is your content compellingKeep it simpleThink about the audienceThink how a visitor will use it / what they will get out of itWhen? Pre visit/during/post visitManage expectations, can it be deliveredCall to action will it make you visit/read on/donate/get involved

  • What have we learnt and can share with you?

  • Have something compelling to say then decide the best way to say it

  • Make sure were making a business decision

  • Understand our audiences relationship with digital world

    Urban Daddy https://vimeo.com/28425601 Cloud pink https://vimeo.com/40853815 Projection http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9Qv62AqOk0 & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXvmDaY29xg

  • View commissions as a shared creative process

  • Use digital technology to manage segment clash

    Birdcage https://vimeo.com/25831269

  • View it as an ongoing commitment not a one off investment

  • Use digital technologies to problem solve


  • Identify a dedicated expert point of contact within the Trust

  • Take little steps simpler is better

  • Dont worry about being behind the times

  • Summing up

    Opportunities for the USB itself to explore?

  • Building up our insight into digital user segmentsIdentify a single point of contact within Trust for digital VE - Consider a pilot project that invests time into developing a creative partnership with the digital technology sector.


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