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<ul><li><p>Photo analysis for my music magazine.Ross barraclough.</p></li><li><p>Front cover pictureThis picture is the picture that I used as my main image on my front cover. The reason that I used it is because of the magazines I have researched and analysed it has similar style. It is meant to show two famous American rappers (Eminem and Dr. Dre). This picture is a stereotype of rappers because they are meant to look serious and mean with a reputation and in this picture both character are staring into the camera, almost as if they are trying to intimidate the audience but also to grab their attention and entice them into buying the magazine I applied the background image and cut out the original background to make it look like the two were on stage. The background image was taken in the Leeds 02 arena by a class friend of mine when they went to go see a gig there. I asked the what kind of pictures to take to ensure I had a background I could use. Both of the character in the picture are crossing their arms and standing with their sides to each other as though they are equal but are both on a slant as though they dont trust each other.</p></li><li><p>Changes to the front coverI had to change the background to my magazine because the images from the 02 arena were not working with my image. I changed my plans and took images of my schools music studio and applied a black and white affect to bring out the front two characters so they really stood out. With this I had to change my title so it would stand out too because this is one of the most important this of the magazine. I added outer glow, inner glow, bevel and emboss, gradient overlay and stroke as affects.This is the original image I took.</p></li><li><p>My double page spreadI took this picture based on a picture that I have seen the artist doing that it is based on (Rihanna). This is the main image on my double page spread so I took it in mind that it should stand out an be s strong picture. No Photoshop was needed on this image as when taking the picture I used a white background so she would stand out.</p></li><li><p>Contents page imagesThis is a picture of who my original image character was based on (Eminem). I then look through pictures of him and found that his general pose was staring into the camera with a serious look on his face almost as if to be intimidating the audience. This is what I tried to portray in my image by getting him to star into the camera.</p></li></ul>