“Photography Is My Passion”- Says Paulius Skema

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  • Photography Is My Passion- Says Paulius Skema

    Pictures offer a great way to freeze a moment and cherish those special

    times for a long time to come. These present a great way to re-live

    those important events of your life again and feel the magic of any

    special day once more. Paulius Skema is a 39 year old man from

    Arkansas who is highly passionate about photography. He got inclined

    to this hobby when he saw some beautiful pictures clicked by his elder

    brother when he went to a trip to Europe. He had then decided to pick

    up the camera and capture the moments of life with his lens.

    He is highly enthusiastic about different photography trends, including

    new born photography, nature photography, wildlife photography and

    also wedding photography. He is happy to take on the role of a

    photographer for his family weddings and also weddings in his big

    network. He has been experimenting with the pictures since his

    teenage and has now gained a mastery in this field. He makes use of

    advanced hi-tech cameras that produce crisp pictures which look so

    natural and live.

  • Paulius Skema is a great photographer who is known in his community

    for his eye for detail. He tries to capture the natural emotions rather

    than clicking the posed postures. He has taken his love for photography

    far and feels much satisfied after helping people preserve their

    memories with the help of photographs. He is talented and always tries

    to take out time to follow his passion.