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  • 1.Types Of Photography

2. Fashion. Fashion Photography is a genre of photography displaying clothing or other fashion items. Its use in industry is to display clothing and other fashion items for advertisement and promotion to the target audience. For example; it can be seen in magazines eg- vogue or on the internet/blogging websites. How has it evolved over time? Over the decades technology has evolved which means that the photography has evolved. Eg- The type of shot. Over the years fashion photography has become more experimental. They now use props, backgrounds, scenes to make more of a attractive image. 3. Photography associated with this work Sebastian Kim- Alex Sainsbury- Good fashion photography websites Where to find good example images 4. Fine art Fine art photography is a very visual and creative type of photography. The products are to be appreciated. In the industry they are mostly found in magazines and averts. You may also come across Fine Art Photography on the internet or blogging websites. How has Fine Art Photography evolved over time? In the 20th century most of the photos were black and white or sepia well as these days they can have color. They thing that black and white Fine Art Photography is more effective and makes more of a meaning to the picture. 5. Photographers associated with this work: Arthur Leipzig: You can find more information for Fine Art Photography on websites, magazines and library's. You can find example images at- 6. Portrait A portrait is either a painting, drawing, photograph or engrailing of person in the face or their personality. In the industry Portrait Photography is used to represent a person and their personality. How has it evolved over time? It has improved over time as the cameras have got better and is now used wit better quality. Also, these days more work is done with the images eg- photoshop. 7. Photographers associated with this work Dianne Arbus: You can find more examples at 8. Photo Journalism Photo Journalism is usually to do with using photos and images to tell a story. It is usually used in news papers. In the olden days they only used to use black and white pictures however now technology has progressed theyve now started to use colour in the pictures. Its a very popular type of photography and is used everyday. Photographer related to this work- David Burnett. 9. Documentary Documentary photography usually refers to a popular form of photography used for chronicle, significant and historical. Its use in industry is mostly historic images from time ago. By time the technology has developed so the photos have became more advanced. However, when the historic photos were taking the cameras back then were not as good. Nowadays to make those photos clearer they have access to Photoshop and other editing websites. Documentary photography is also used to take pictures of different cultures and places around the world. 10. Advertising Advertising photography is the art of taking pictures to sell certain products. Its use in the industry is to sell and promote products. You can find advertising photography in lots of places. E.g on busses, the front of magazines, billboards ect. The technology has changed over time therefor so has the photography. Also, the culture has changed so it has made a lot of difference in the pictures.