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1. Studio Photography In the 19th century handheld camera had not been developed yet meaning the only way to take photographs was in a studio. Studio photography involves a lot of large equipment which would be difficult to carry around with you to take a picture outside the studio. In this time studios was mainly for taking portrait photographs and only people that was important had there pictures taken like the royal family and famous people. In the modern day like today studios are used to fulfil purpose such as the media industry. Many studios nowadays are owned by professional people to take pictures for their own work. Other photographers that wish to take studio photographs hire out places, this mean ammeter photographers get the chance to shoot in a studio for learning purposes. These days studio photography is used for so much more than taking just portrait shots of one person, they are now used to take family portraits, fashion photography, advertising etc. 2. Wedding Photography Wedding photography was first introduced in the 19th century and was a way to have professional photographs done of the happy couple before and after the ceremony. Most wedding photographs were taken in studio at first in the early days as the equipment needed to take a photograph of someone was too bulky to carry around. Wedding photography has now became a crucial part in organising a wedding as the family can still keep memories and reminisce the day which the wedding happened on. The process of the kind of poses people do in wedding photographs have stayed the same, however the format of capturing an image has changed from paintings to photographs. 3. Documentary Photography Documentary photography is similar to photojournalism which refers to photography for the media like the newspapers. Documentary photography is also shown in both artistic and real-life ways. This kind of photography however is also mostly used in the media like magazine, books and newspapers. This kind of photography presents the most accurate records of past events through photographs giving people information of the latest, news, trends and gossip. 4. Fashion Photography Fashion photography is used as a way to show the latest trends in clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is mainly used nowadays to advertise clothing that is on sale in clothing stores and catalogues. This type of genre has been around since the very early days of photography. Back in the 1970s, social changes, particularly feminism, influenced the fashion industry and the way women were represented. Today, fashion photography shows many forms as the boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred between commercial and artist work.