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<p>Process of Magazine MakingDiana - Daniela - Simon</p> <p>Image Used</p> <p>One of the main reason i wanted to use this image was because of the number 6 written on their hands. I found this image extremely scary however one majors disadvantage of this was the quality of the image. I used my iPhone 5s in order to take him image however accidentally I mustve moved when taking this image. However despite the fact that it came out blurry (which can be fixed by editing) this image was an interesting one to use as a magazine cover. The direct address and the mid-shot is a convention of magazine covers therefore I wanted to follow the conventions by using this specific image.</p> <p>The first thing that I started working on was fixing my issue with the image : making the image not appear so blurry, I successfully managed to do this by using a tool called sharpen on BEFUNKY.</p> <p>Next I started to layer my image and make the background black as I didn't want my magazine to be bright. By making it black it follows the conventions of horror magazines as their themes tend to be black + red. </p> <p>In order to make my image be even more clear I came across another tool on BEFUNKY which allows me to play around with the texture of the image, therefore I made it more solid. </p> <p>Because my image was still too dark I went ahead and used the tool called vignete in order to darken the edges of my magazine this made my magazine much darker.</p> <p>In order to make my image a tiny bit darker I began to play around with the brightness, highlight and shadows of my image. Decreasing the brightness as well as the highlight made it much darker however as soon as I increased the shadow the features of my actress became much darker which is what I initially wanted!</p> <p>My final adjustments to my picture was to add a bit more texture - in this case I added an affect called Scratches which is a built feature on BEFUNKY this is one of my favourite features on this website as it gives it a horror finish. </p> <p>Editing the MastheadTaking a simple Empire masthead I used an app called Paint 2 on my laptop in order to create bruises inside of it.</p> <p>Creating the bruises on the inside of the letters has been extremely tim consuming however the outcome was very successful.</p> <p>I also wanted scratches on my masthead therefore I had to add another layer and put the simple Empire and add the effect scratches on it. I initially wanted the actors in front of my masthead just to show their importance in comparison to my masthead therefore i made sure that they overlapped the masthead.</p> <p>Afterwards all I had to do is add another layer and and place my bruised empire on top and flatten the layers so that the two combine together.</p> <p>This was the magazine after all the editing on the images and the masthead. My next step would be having to add in all the other text. This step was extremely easy as I already knew what was going to be on my magazine therefore I just had to make the decision of what font design and size I should use.</p> <p>DRAFT FINAL PIECE</p>