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  • 1. Producing The Front Cover

2. Picture Selection I have selected this picture because I feel it is the one that looked the most intimidating. This is based on my research, where the people on the covers looked intimidating. This would also be a good one to crop and would be easy to Photoshop. I also feel it is the one where the most chav-like look is achieved which is one of the target markets my magazine is aiming for. 3. Photoshop-Levels-Before 4. Photoshop-Levels-After 5. Levels I need to edit the levels on Photoshop to see ifmy photo was over or under exposed. I used theauto tool in case I accidentally made a mistake ordid something wrong. The result isnt very good, some of the contrasthas been removed and the subject is now toopale. This can be rectified by removing somebrightness and adding some contrast. I used the Levels tool in Photoshop to do this. 6. Brightness + Contrast- Before 7. Brightness + Contrast- After 8. Brightness + Contrast I needed to do this because the subject looked topale and some of the blacks had been removed.The result on the contrast side was very effective,the black is a lot more black and stands out morewhich is the point of contrast, however thephotos brightness may now be better but thepale look is still there. I may be able to fix thiswith some simple colour correction. I used the Brightness and Contrast tools inPhotoshop to do this. 9. Colour Correction- Before 10. Colour Correction- After 11. Colour Correction I need to use some colour correction because thesubject was still to pale. This did not work at all, the photo is still to paleand this is extremely noticeable and wouldntwork for my magazine genre at all. I will first of allcrop the photo and then try and digitally add intan to make the photo seem a lot better for mypurposes. I used the Colour Correction tool in Photoshop todo this. 12. Cropping- Before 13. Cropping-After 14. Cropping My photo needed cropping because the photowas too long and the text on the clothing wasreadable which I didnt like. I fixed this bycropping close to the head and above the textto give the desired effect and I feel the photolooks a lot better cropped and I shall use thiscrop on the cover. I used the Crop tool inPhotoshop to do this. 15. Tan added 16. Tan I needed to digitally add a tan to the photobecause the subject was too pale for mymagazine. I selected a tan-like colour andpainted over the head on a new layer. I thenset the blend mode to Soft Light which madethe subject look tanned. This has worked verywell and the subject no longer looks as paleand I feel it is now a good look for mymagazine. 17. Making the Cover 18. Here I haveplaced the photoin the coversoftware. I havedone this by usingthe place tool inInDesign andscaling it to thecorrect size of thecover. 19. Here I havecreated themasthead. InInDesign I usedthe text tool totype the text,then formattedit with thingslike spacing.Then I selectedthe head of mymodel inPhotoshop andplaced it inInDesign abovethe masthead. 20. Again using thetext tool, Iadded a date,issue numberand sloganusing the samefont to try andreplicate aconsistenthouse style. Imoved the textaround thesubject to tryand make itlook better andmoreprofessional. 21. Here I foundthe photo of abar code onGoogle, savedit and placedit in InDesign.I then addedtext in to it tofill in the gapsto make itappear moreprofessional,trying toreplicate thesame font. 22. Using a range offonts and sizes, Iadded the covertext around herhead. For theMoves I placedthe word behindher head so thatit didnt coverher face by usingthe send to backtool. This wasdone to makethe magazineappear moreprofessional andreal. 23. Text Effects Using different effects (Colour Gradient, block selection and rotation) I made the front cover look more creative and more interesting by adding certain effects to the text. This makes it stand out more, which means it would be more likely to sell in a shop, but also makes the audience more inclined to read it because it looks more interesting. 24. Making the Cover PullA Poster Free Gift 25. Photo Selection I have decided to use this one because Ifeel it is the best photo to use as it isgood for Photoshop and also looks likesomething that could work as a poster. 26. Photoshop 27. Photoshop In Photoshop I did the Levels, Crop, Brightnessand Contrast and Colour Correction toolsagain to try and fix the photos exposurelevels. I added a Lens flare in the top right of thecover to try and create a more poster likeeffect and to make it more creative. 28. Pull I placed it inInDesign. Then Icreated the text. Iused a fun font totry and make herappear more funloving. I alsomade it in a blackbox so that itstands out more.