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  1. 1. Carl Lapeirre Photographer.Although I m specialized in social photography,I hope to learn you something about productphotography.I leave you my coordinates so you can check my work again and should you haveany comments, please leave a message by email or tell Peter so we can changethings if here is a next session.Before the digital age, all major productphotography was achieved with a viewcamera. and fall - Rise and fall are the movements of either the front or rear standardvertically along a line in a plane parallel to the film (or sensor) planeShift - Moving the front standard left or right from its normal positionTilt turn around horizantal axisSwing turn around verical axis
  2. 2. Advantage:Disadvantage:Applications:buildingsboxesall issues that bear no deformationsissues that need to be rich in detailin ancient times, portraithowever, the examples below, I made them end of the 90s
  3. 3. But now back to reality,at least your reality wich are digital SLR cameras, just digital compactcameras, photoshop and most of all, light !!!I guess you already know about shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity andcolor balance.If not, you should say now because it is to important.LensesWhat you should know beforehand is that the pressure from wide angle lens,normal lens, telephoto lens will be in relationship to the size of the sensor,the former film plane.I explain myself, a normal lens for a 24/36 film or full ccd sensor is a 50mmbut the same 50 mm becomes for a technical camera is a wide angle and fora plane of 12/24mm film it becomes a telephoto lens.Wide-angle lens productphotography, a bat choisemain reason is the distortion, this can normally not be what you want.Telephoto lens / normal lens productphotography, a good choise no distortion and no deformation
  4. 4. Lighthard light soft lightsun cloudshard shadow now shadowspotlight - softbox/striplight- lightaccent lighting/backlight- light to emphasize your subject and bring it to life !Look at the structure of your subject and use the right light !Light is more important than your camera.Lightpaintingdifferent approachescamera on the same place exposures on the different parts of the subjectand than with photoshop capture one are other programs, you put allexposures together...working with a long exposure and light paint your subject
  5. 5. Refering Photographers: