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  • 1. Psychology Comic Than Lek Mei 0315538 Lee Kit Hung 0315722 Ashley Chow 0316141 Loh Yu Jin 0315795

2. The Scenario James; a lazy student who dislikes doing homework and enjoys sleeping in class. He tends to get bad results and gets lectured a lot by his mom. He doesnt get to go outside to play because of this. Despite him being a lazy student, hes never gone to the extent of skipping school, going clubbing, taking drugs, etc. 3. The Scenario (Part 2) With constant nagging from his mom, his anger increases. James feels that his mom doesnt care about his feelings and dislikes him a lot. 4. Social Culture A cultural concept that is created by individuals of a social system and their communication with other individuals. Can also be referred to as group culture. 5. Social Influence Occurs when ones emotions, opinions or behaviours are affected by others. 6. Ego The I or self of a person as thinking, feeling, willing and distinguishing itself from the self of others. 7. Persuasion Persuasion can attempt to influence a persons attitude, beliefs, intentions, motives or behaviours. 8. Explicit Attitude A persons conscious view towards people, objects and concepts. The person is aware of the feelings he/she holds.