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  • THE ROOSEVELTS American Leaders

    by Ray Cotton

  • The Three Roosevelts: Patrician Leaders who Transformed America analyzes how political leaders

    can inspire change in domestic and international policy.

  • The book is co-authored by Susan Dunn and James MacGregor Burns. Burns was an eminent historian in the field of

    leadership theory and was a Pulitzer-prize winning writer known for his presidential biographies. John Kennedy: A

    Political Profile (1960) and Roosevelt: The Soldier of Freedom (1970) are two examples of his work.

  • Burns determined two types of leaders.

    Transactional leadership: When leaders focus on the relationship with their followers

    Transformational leadership: When leaders focus on their followers values, needs, and beliefs

  • The Roosevelts

  • The Three Roosevelts analyzes the lives of Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

    Roosevelt, and Eleanor Roosevelt as both a biography and political history. From

    Burns perspective, the story of the Roosevelts is a chance to discover what

    makes someone a great leader.

  • Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

  • Theodore Roosevelts father was inspired by the legacy of Abraham Lincoln. Theodore

    Roosevelt, in turn, looked up to his father as a role model.

  • Teddy paved a path of success in U.S.

    politics and international diplomacy.

    He emphasized the importance of

    moral character while fighting for

    public health and workers rights.

  • It is common sense to take a method and t01 it. If it fails, admit it 6ankly and t01 another.

    But above all, t01 something. -Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • Franklin admired his cousin Teddy. He mirrored his career path by advancing from an assistant secretary position at the Navy, to New York governor, to the presidency.

    Today, the United States still benefits from public programs like conservation groups. The organizations we have today are descendants of FDRs New Deal programs, such as the Conservation Corps.

  • In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we

    make are ultimately our own

    responsibility. -Eleanor Roosevelt

  • The Roosevelts are great American leaders because they combined moral idealism with

    real social change.

  • The book is 668 eloquent pages of analysis of the

    Roosevelts legacy. Burns uses vivid details, and failures, that the Roosevelts experienced to complement

    their stories of political success.

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