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<ul><li><p>END OF PROJECT REPORT OCT 2014</p><p>INTRO</p><p>Music Plus approached Culture Republic for funding advice on producing a series of tutorial videos. The idea behind the videos was to expand the legacy and outreach of the project to in-clude as many young people as possible. Music Plus recieved funding to pilot a project through sustainable AmbITion Make:IT:Happen fund to caluclate the amount of carbon saved in producing video (digital content) as aposed to physical seminars.Music Plus runs a series of workshops and seminars throughout the year across Scotland. The main premise of the project was to supplement this course of activity with a series of tutorial videos, so instead of running four physical workshops we ran one workshop and continued the course with three tutorial videos. </p><p>Summary</p><p>BACKGROUND</p><p>Music + is a mentoring scheme run by the Scottish Music Centre, supported by Creative Scotlands Youth Music Initiative and The Robertson Trust. The aim of the project is to offer one to one experience with music industry professionals who will offer guidance, encouragement, skills and knowledge across a range of industry roles from performance to event promotion. The project firstly targets hard to reach and marginalised young people some living in areas of multiple deprivation. Music Plus is in its sixth year having started as a pilot in Glasgow then expanding to Fife and the Highlands finally becoming a national project in 2011. The project has built up a considerable network of music and community organisations, venues and currently has over seventy music industry professionals employed as part time mentors.The Scottish Music Centre was founded in 1969 as a support organisation for composers and musicians resident in Scotland. Since its relocation to Glasgows City Halls in 2006 it has been widely developed into a unique national resource for Scotlands music sector (and an informa-tion source for the general public) while also delivering outreach projects for young people aged 5-25.</p></li><li><p>END OF PROJECT REPORT OCT 2014</p><p>Process</p><p>THE SEMINARS</p><p>We held three seminars throughout 2014/15 in:</p><p>1. Oban2. Dumfries3. Dunfermline</p><p>These seminars corresponded with tutorial videos in the following subjects:</p><p>1. Songwriting 2. Music Production 3. Band Development</p><p>THE VIDEOS</p><p>The videos were scripted and filmed throuought the year (one is still in production) and added to our website via a custom tutorial tab as well as our YouTube channel, We made:</p><p>1. Four videos on songwriting from Robert Sheilds of the group Finding Albert2. Three Videos on Music Production from Grammy Award winner David Donaldson3. Three videos on band development from animator Michael Collin (still in </p><p>production)</p></li><li><p>END OF PROJECT REPORT OCT 2014</p><p>Statistics </p><p>What we learned</p><p>SEMINAR ATTENDANCE TOTAL MILEAGE </p><p>kgC02 TRAIN @0.08 </p><p>kgC02 Bus </p><p>@0.18 </p><p>kgC02 Car @ </p><p>Oban 19 1786 112 268 546 Dunfermline 14 520 42 78 160 Dumfries 25 746 60 112 228 Total 58 3052 214 458 934 NUMBER OF VIDEOS kgC02 TRAIN </p><p>@0.08 kgC02 Bus @0.18 </p><p>kgC02 Car </p><p>10 214 458 934 Total Saving 2140 4580 9340 </p><p>Using this as our baseline calculator we can calculate the amount of kgC02 saved by multiplying the amount of videos that replaced the seminars:</p><p>Some of the problems we encountered:</p><p>1. We underestimated the costs of producing the videos and relied on in kind contributions.2. Our seminar programme changed locations due to demand, reducing the possible distance </p><p>travelled by our young people.3. We had limited resources to properly promote the content and have employed a part time </p><p>press officer.</p></li></ul>