Some great photo editing techniques for beginners

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  • Some great photo editing techniques for

    beginners In the current digital world, photos and Photoshop are closely associated. Though Indian

    companies offering photo editing services use many other tools and software, Photoshop is

    mostly preferred because of its feature richness, flexibility and user friendliness. Now before

    outsourcing to an Indian company, if your needs are simple, you can carry out the editing

    process by yourself. Below techniques can really come handy.

    Remove unwanted parts

  • Most of the times, after capturing picture, you realize that there is much more than what you

    focussed for. To get better composition, you can crop the photos and the best way to do that

    is by making use of the Crop Tool. For that press the C button and select the tool. Now

    using mouse, you can create a box inside the image. Then select the area that you like and

    press the Enter key to get the cropped picture.

    Adjust the contrasts

    When it comes to the companies that offer photo editing services, its their professionalism in

    adjusting the contrasts that give images a rare bliss. You can also do this and its quite easy.

    The images that look gloomy can be brought to life using the Levels Tool. Pressing Ctrl and

    L will open to you the Levels dialogue box and there you can see the option to adjust

    contrast and tones.

    Adjust the lighting due to colour shifting

    When it comes to image capturing indoor, the main issue is that the lighting may get tinted

    with blue, yellow or a red cast. Your eyes may not identify the difference but the fortunate

    thing is that your camera perceives lights in a very different way when compared to human

    eyes. Just navigate to Image > Adjustments > Selective Colour. You will get the option there.

  • Sharpen the blurry photographs- Dont sacrifice colour

    Removing fuzzy effect is a skill that many service providers offering photo editing are expert

    at. The main culprit for fuzzy effect is dim indoor lighting. Many filters are there which can

    be used for making the image sharp but most of them harm the colour or distort the picture.

  • Keeping colour intact is the real challenge here. For that navigate to Image > Mode > Lab

    colour. Then flip to Channels Panel and select the Lightness Channel. Go to Filters > Sharpen

    > Unsharp Mask where you can sharpen the images. Now press Ctrl and L together to reach

    the Lightness Channel and if needed highlights and midtones can be adjusted. Now bring

    back your picture to RGB colour by going to Image > Mode > RGB.

    The above described are just a few. For more, stay tuned with our blog .