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Our Trip to the Ukrainian Village

Chuck Kuo, Dana Zakieh, Kamila Kapusta, and Rachel Hyland

History of the Ukrainian VillageChicago neighborhood located on the West Side.Ukrainian village first began as a farmland.Ukrainians first settled in this area because of their close relations with Polish people who lived in the surrounding Polish Downtown.The have been a total of four mass immigrations from the Ukraine to the U.S.The first immigrants arrived during the period 1870-1914, most of these immigrants were poor and illiterate peasants seeking a better life in America.Many small Ukrainian enclaves developed around Chicago, including the area bounded by Division, Racine, Orleans and Roosevelt; another in the Burnside area and another in what has become known as the Ukrainian Village.

Demographics35,726 people living in the Ukrainian VillageThe majority of the population is Hispanic and White The median household income is 66,485 Males: 18,698 Females: 17,628Males median age: 31.9 years Females: 32.3 years

Our Adventure on the L

Our Adventure to Ukrainian VillageRed Line @ Loyola 95thExited the Red Line @ Lake (16 stops)Walking transfer to Blue LineBlue Line @ Washington Damen-OHareExited the Blue Line @ Damen-OHare (5 stops)Wandered around Ukrainian Village

Our Struggles Getting to Ukrainian VillageBoarded the wrong trainCubs game = Crowded Nursing mother & a strollerWoman in a wheelchair

Historic HousingOld World Meet Modern VisionUkrainian Village designated as a Chicago Landmark District Neighborhood since December 2002Years Built: 1886 - 1920sIt's nestled into a thirty-two square block area of the city's West Town. While largely a residential area, and contains an excellent cross-section of residential building types that provides a visual history of immigration settlement on Chicago's Near West Side. One that tells the story of German, Polish, and, ultimately, Ukrainian immigrants who settled in the area throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s. Ukrainian Village retains much of the character of a European community. Tree lined streets, small bungalows, as well as red-brick two-and three family flats, are the predominant architectural styles.

Places of WorshipThe Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral

Museum: Ukrainian National MuseumSadly, by the time we got to the village the museum had closed...However, here are some interesting facts about the museum:It holds about 1,14o artifacts, agricultural tools, artwork, musical instruments, and trophies It contains a library and an archive that holds material about Ukrainian communities including performance groups, and national youth chapters


FoodBite Cafe1039 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622American restaurant

Unique about Ukrainian Village: Restaurants were very diverse; Mexican restaurants, American, Japanese, Chinese and many more.

PoutineFrench fries, Bacon or Mushroom Gravy, Cheese Curds, Pickled Chiles

BurgerBacon, Fried Egg, Fries

Black Pepper PastaRoasted Tomato Sauce, Squash, Zucchini, Fresh Oregano, Goat Cheese, Pepitas

Cornflake Crusted Pork ChopSummer Succotash, Nectarine Mostarda

Famous Gelato Restaurant: Black Dog Gelato Although we didnt get a chance to go

Goat Cheese Cashew Caramel | Sesame Fig Chocolate Chip | Mexican Hot Chocolate | Malted Vanilla | White Chocolate Banana Curry | Rosemary Irish Cream | Blueberry French Toast | Butterscotch Bourbon Pecan | Maple Cayenne Bacon | Blood Orange Sorbet | Cucumber Rosewater Sorbet | Raspberry Apple Cider Sorbet | Sour Cherry Rootbeer Sorbet

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