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  • 1. Total Film Physical Distribution 13 issues a year Available UK wide at: supermarkets, newsagents at 3.90 Subcriptions - 25.99 from official Future site (37.99 from Myfavouritemagazines.co.uk) ABC 78,000 Digital Distribution Iphone App launched Aug 2010 - 1.49 Interactive Ipad edition launched June 2012 PDF Newsstand version subs 27.99 Zinio and Le kiosk Analysis Total Film is a mainstream film magazine designed to appeal to the largest audience possible. To ensure the highest possible revenue stream the magazine is distributed nationwide, everywhere you would expect to see a mag available. Subscriptions are pushed very hard with online and in-mag promotions, as well as a 50% discount. They have embraces digital distribution by alternate version for Ipad, Iphone and PC all with a similar price. This is a distribution model to maximise revenue and ensure brand awareness and high sales.

2. Little White Lies Physical Distribution Bi Monthly Available at selected Newsagents, arthouse cinemas (Picture House) and bookshop priced 4.25 was originally launch exclusively in Borders. Subscriptions - 21.00 a year for six issues from the official site Digital Distribution Iphone App Aug 2011 reviews and link to blog Digital version of archive all available on the official site for FREE ABC 16,000 Analysis The magazine is only bi-monthly and available in selected stores partly do to a low circulation but also as LWL is an aspiration magazine that is conscious of being seen in the right places. There is some appreciation of digital distribution with the app but the app is reviews and links to blog post rather than being an interactive digital mag this suggests the mag, the physical item is more important than the brand or content. The fact that the archive is available for free is an interesting business move LWL is about design appreciation Church of London can attract more readers by making existing content available for free and attract business for their contract publishing and event business. 3. Sight & Sound Physical Distribution Monthly Available in most newsagents, selected bookshop, arthouse and independent cinemas and at the BFI. Price: 3.90 Subscription 12 issues for 38.00 BFI members save 35% on subscription cost. Circulation 22,000 Digital Distribution The BFI has an online digital archive. There is no app, ipad version or interactive digital app. Analysis The remit for Sight and Sound it to the critical voice of the BFI (the institution). but mainly provide full production credits for every film that has a theatrical release in the UK and a full plot synopsis. It serves as a national record of cinema in the UK. As it serves this purpose in magazine format, there has been no rush to go to digital this is comparison to Total Film whos main remit is make money BFI are a non-profit organization.