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Check out the 2013 Nissan JUKE brochure provided by Victoria Nissan in Victoria, TX. Find the 2013 Nissan JUKE for sale in Victoria. To learn more about our current sales and incentives give us a call at 888-631-8903. http://www.victorianissan.com/index.htm

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  • 1. Victoria Nissan6003 N Navarro Street Victoria, TX 77904Phone: 888-631-8903http://www.victorianissan.com

2. BUILT TOTHRILL.THE FEELING OF INNOVATION.Kick convention to the curb. JUKE is the leader of an all-new breed: theTurbocharged Sport Cross. The intentions are clear. Ride high, stand out, andmove quickly. All while customizing your ride on the go. The turbochargedengine delivers serious boost when you need it and sips fuel when youdont, while an available innovative All-Wheel Drive system turns power into grip.Everything you thought a vehicle was just got turned on its head, courtesy ofthe 2013 JUKE. Nissan. Innovation that excites. TMNissan JUKE SL AWD Midnight Editionshown in Pearl White. 3. A NOD FROMTHOSE THAT GET ITIS ALL YOU NEED.Nissan JUKE SL AWDshown in Gun Metallic. 4. FINDING THE EDGE INEVERY DETAIL. 5. SEEING A LITTLE RED EVERY NOW AND THEN.Its good to get the adrenaline flowing. Everything is more exciting, more alive.In JUKE, youll find a pulse-raising center console inspired by the radical linesof an Italian sport bike. So mount up and ride. No helmet required. 6. WHY JUST CORNERWHEN YOU CAN VECTOR?Instead of traditional All-Wheel Drive (AWD) systems that only distribute power from front toback, available torque vectoring AWD also adjusts power side-to-side to the rear wheels. Ina turn, this means the outside rear wheel can be given more power, helping JUKE rotate intothe curve and accelerate out, or should we say, vector like you never have before.Nissan JUKE SL AWDshown in Gun Metallic. 7. THE FEELING YOURE ON A MISSION.Nissan JUKE SL AWDshown in Sapphire Black. 8. INNOVATION THATS GOOD TO GO.Youve got a plan. JUKEs here to see that it gets done. Need to tackle some mountain curves?Hit the Sport mode button on the innovative Integrated Control (I-CON) system. Lumbering semiahead? Pass it in seconds with the Direct Injection Gasoline (DIGTM) turbo engine. Looking tomake a first impression? With a one-of-a-kind interior that melds car and motorcycle into one,thats a given. Surprised? Turn the page and find out even more. Nissan JUKE SLshown in Black/Red Leather. 9. I-CON SYSTEMADAPT AT WILL.Shown inClimate InterfaceLike a great smartphone, JUKEs Integrated Control (I-CON) system putseverything you need in one place. Tell JUKE what kind of mood youreShown in D-Mode Interfacein, and it serves up a custom-tailored drive. All your climate controlfunctions are there too. I-CON even lets you know how youre doing, withcool displays for all the different functions you can call up.Double Agent I-CON puts you in charge of yourride style and interior comfort. In D-Mode, the sys-tem gives you the ability to rapidly adapt to changingdriving conditions. With a push of the Climatebutton, I-CON switches displays and now becomesyour control center for all things comfort.Torque It. Boost It. Save It In JUKE, its up to you.Drive in Normal mode for the best combination ofGet the Stats Count on the drive computer to keepperformance and efficiency. Want to up the ante? Lock you in the know. Loaded with information about every-in Sport mode and steering feel, transmission gearing thing from maximum G-force to total trip miles toand throttle response quickly adjust to make every curveyour daily fuel economy record. The more you know,count. And when its time to slow things down, hit thethe better you drive.Eco mode button and get the most out of every drop of fuel. 10. PERFORMANCE MOVE ON Sometimes you just get stuck behind the wrong people. Passing lane ahead! Tap into the turbo and leave them in the rearview mirror. And when its time to get a grip, count on JUKEs available torqueCOMMAND. vectoring All-Wheel Drive system to make sure all that power gets to the pavement. 1.6-L Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG TM) Turbo Engine If you could design an engine to provide the ideal balance of efficiency and power, this would be it. Turbo boost gives you more than enough passing power when you need it, while the compact engine design and advanced direct injection deliver fuel- sipping economy when you dont. Primary and Secondary Fuel Injection Two levels of fuel injection give you the perfect one-two punch. By spraying fuel directly into the combustion chamber twice before ignition, the combustion pattern is optimized. Meaning greater efficiency, torque and power. Now, thats a knockout. CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with Sport Mode Smooth as butter and fun to drive. Unlike traditional automatic transmissions, JUKEs CVT transmission eliminates the need for gear-hunting and delivers a seamless wave of power. In case you miss the feeling of gears, you can engage Sport mode and bring it right back. Of course, a manual transmission is still available for the die-hard enthusiast. Torque Vectoring AWD Taking on a twisty mountain road? Go for it. Need to tackle a sharp highway on-ramp? Done. JUKEs available innovative AWD gives you the handling response you deserve. Unlike traditional AWD systems that only distribute power front to back, torque vectoring AWD can also adjust power side to side on the rear wheels, helping provide solid grip through the turn. AWD Display A digital readout between the gauges provides real-time AWD feedback for all four corners. PUREDRIVE The 2013 JUKE wears the PUREDRIVE TM badge, meaning it meets or exceeds the TM industry-average US Federal CAFE standards for model-year 2016. The PUREDRIVE initiative is just one aspect of Nissans commitment to developing more environmentally friendly transportation for all of us to enjoy.1 1 doption criteria above are based upon US Federal CAFE standards as of July 2011 for MY 2016. Federal standards subject to change by US government. A 11. TECHNOLOGY TAKE CONTROL OF THE SITUATION.AB Make easy work out of finding that new club. Dial in your favorite artist. Or call ahead, with both hands on the wheel. In JUKE, your life never misses a beat. Nissan Navigation System JUKEs available advanced naviga- tion system gives you all the tools to make every trip a snap. Turn-by-turn Voice Guidance combined with available real-time traffic reports from NavTraffic get you around gridlock and to your destination on time.1, 2 A. RearView Monitor Need to squeeze into a tight parking spot? You got it. JUKEs available RearView Monitor helps you see whats directly behind you.3 C B. Nissan Intelligent Key Never fumble with keys again. Just leave the available Nissan Intelligent Key in your pocket or purse. As you walk up to the vehicle, it senses the key and allows you to unlock the door with a tap of a button on the door handle. Once inside, use the Push Button Ignition to start the engine. C. Audio Inputs All your music is just a plug away. JUKE features an available USB input that is ideal for an iPod or playing MP3s off a thumb drive. And in case you have any music you want to play from a different source, theres an auxiliary audio input.4, 5 D. Bluetooth Hands-free Phone System Keep up those connections on the move. With standard next-generation Bluetooth technology on hand, JUKE will store your phones address book so you can use the voice-activation feature to make calls by name.6DE E. Upgraded Audio Lock in that playlist and turn up the volume. The new, optional Rockford Fosgate EcoPUNCHTM Premium Audio System will rock you while consuming less juice than a conventional amplifier system. EcoPUNCH integrates six high-efficiency speakers with a powerful 8-inch long-throw sub- woofer to produce a dynamic, hard-hitting signature sound. And with the standard MP3 CD player, your entire CD collection can come along for the ride.1 ever program while driving. GPS mapping may not be detailed in all areas or reflect current road regulations. 2 iriusXM Satellite Radio and NavTraffic require subscriptions sold separately after trial period. Subscriptions NSto the USB or auxiliary audio input jack while driving. 5 lways give your full attention to driving. Avoid operating your iPod in such a way that you can be distracted during vehicle operation. See dealer for details. iPod isAgoverned by Customer Agreement at siriusxm.com. Fees and programming subject to change. Available only to those 18 or older in the 48 contiguous states and D.C. 2012 Sirius XM Radio Inc. Sirius, XM and all related a registered trademark of Apple, Inc. All rights reserved. iPod not included. 6Availability of specific features is dependent upon the phones Bluetooth support. Please refer to your phone Owners Manual for details. Themarks and logos are trademarks of Sirius XM Radio Inc. 3 arking aid/convenience feature. Cannot completely eliminate blind spots or warn of moving objects. May not detect every object. Always check surroundings beforePBluetooth word mark and logos are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Nissan is under license. EcoPUNCHTM is a trademark of Rockford Corporation.moving vehicle. Not a substitute for proper backing procedures. Always turn to check what is behind you before backing up. 4 riving is serious business and requires your full attention. Do not operate any devices connectedD 12. VERSATILITYACA. Cargo Space.Drop the seats down and load it up. With the rear brake pressure to help restore grip. And maintain steering controlseats folded flat, you get a cavernous 35.9 cubic feet of cargo when stopping using JUKEs Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).space. Now you have no excuse not to bring everything but the Brake Override Technology.Like every Nissan since 2005, JUKEkitchen sink.1comes standard with Brake Override Technology. Its designed toB. Clever Storage.Check under the rear cargo area floor and youll help slow down your vehicle and bring it to a safe stop in an emer-find a secret storage stash. Its just the right size to store all your gency by overriding accelerator input and reducing engine powerBroadside safety equipment or anything you want to keep out of sight.1,2 when the accelerator and brake ped