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1. 1 TELEMATICS YOUVE HEARD IT BEFORE But its now time to look at something different. 2. 2 ITS NO LONGER THE FUTURE OF FLEET MANAGEMENT. Its the biggest thing in fleet management right now. 3. 3 THE IDEA ISNT NEW. But this product is new. Its ready now. And it works* . *Ask the RAC if you dont believe us. 4. 4 AND IT COULDNT HAVE COME AT A BETTER TIME. Theres never been greater public sector need to save money and improve efciency. 5. 5 OKAY, LETS RECAP. After all, it may have been a while since you last thought about it. 6. 6 HERE ARE SEVEN REASONS YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED ABOUTTELEMATICS. 7. 7 1.Precise mileage data means accurate (and HMRC friendly) expense reports. In other words, less expensive expenses. 8. 8 2.Accurate fuel and Co2 data can improve driving (and the environment). To save money and keep you on track to meet emissions targets. 9. 9 3.Awareness of driver behaviour can improve your duty of care and enhance overall fleet and public safety. Driving responsibility, so to speak. 10. 10 4.In-vehicle navigation is included, along with location-based traffic updates. Because you dont always want to go the extra miles. 11. 11 5.You can optimise scheduling using automated job sheets. And stop your drivers re-inventing at the wheel. 12. 12 6.For specialist vehicles, you can monitor equipment performance. And that means better customer service. 13. 13 7.Theres automated monthly reports and crash detection. Identifying causes before they become crises. 14. 14 ITS A CINCH TO INSTALL. It works with the systems and software youve already got. 15. 15 WELLMAKE IT EVEN EASIER. By including devices and installation. By themselves they could save you 250. 16. 16 YOULLALSO GET WEB PORTALACCESS, HELP DESK SUPPORT AND IN-HOUSE TRAINING. NO, IDONTKNOW HOWWEDOIT, EITHER. 17. 17 OKAY, BY NOW YOU MAY BE THINKING: WHAT IF WE DONT NEED ALLOF THIS? Dont worry, weve got a range of service packages. 18. 18 WE CREATED THESE SERVICE PACKAGES TO SUITYOUR FLEET MANAGEMENT PRIORITIES. So what you dont need, you neednt pay for. 19. 19 OPTIMISE IS OUR ALLIN COMPLETE SERVICE. Its the works, the full whack, the whole nine yards. 20. 20 PERFORM ROOTS OUT HIDDEN COSTS IN EVEN THE BIGGEST FLEETS. A sort of on-board data analyst. 21. 21 DRIVER CAN IMPROVE DRIVER SAFETY WHILE SAVING FUELAND REDUCING RISK LIABILITIES. After all, you cant be too careful these days. 22. 22 ESSENTIALS FOCUSES ON YOUR FLEETS CORE COST: MILEAGE. Now you can make every mile count. 23. 23 SO, IN A NUTSHELLYOU CAN: Make much-needed efficiency savings Improve driving standards Increase eet efciency Protect your drivers Meet CO2 emissions targets Improve service delivery Keep better records 24. 24 TELEMATICS: THE FUTURE OF FLEET MANAGEMENT IS HERE. About time too. 25. 25 CONTACT US Nairn House, Artex Avenue Rustington Littlehampton West Sussex BN16 3LN 0844 493 5840 / 0844 493 7656


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