Car Travel – Follow The Safe Driving Tips

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Text of Car Travel – Follow The Safe Driving Tips

  • Car Travel Follow The Safe Driving Tips

  • As per Department of Transportation data, summer is the most dangerous driving season where most of the

    breakdowns happen on road.

  • Study says, 18% more accidents happen in summer months as compared to the winter.

  • There are many factors that affect the summer driving like traffic, congestion, increase in road maintenance work etc.

  • Follow these tips to prepare your car well for the coming summer


  • Make sure to check the tires and go for a routine maintenance check before start your trip.

  • Taking proper care of the tires will provide protection to your vehicle against breakdown, crashes and gives a better

    handling and proper traction on road.

  • The properly inflated tires also increase the fuel efficiency by one mile per gallon of gas.

  • :- Make sure to go for a routine maintenance check for all fluid levels, brake pedals etc.

  • Let's know what should you do to get the best out of the trip---:

  • :- Before starting your long trip, always make sure to take enough sleep and eat light snacks or


  • :- Make sure to pull over the car in every 2hrs and rest for a while.

  • :- If you are feeling dizzy, then take a walk or stretch your legs or get some

    fresh air etc.

  • :- Make sure to know the traffic rules of the place where you

    are traveling to.

  • :- Make sure to use google maps or tour guide apps to help you out in finding a less traffic or any good short-cut route.

  • :- If you are using a rental vehicle, then make sure to get familiar with its essential equipment that you may need, before hitting

    the road.

  • :- Consider having a travel insurance and car insurance for your safety and


  • :- Don't procrastinate in filling gas; whenever you see the gas meter is low, fill it instantly.

  • :- If you are traveling with kids, then make sure to stop often to take a break and play with kids and have fun.

  • There are different type of fatigue signs that occur while traveling :-

    :- Blinking or yawning frequently :- Closing eyes or going out of focus

    :- Braking too late or sudden braking :- Slowing vehicle unintentionally etc.

  • :- Make sure to stay in one lane while driving in traffic which will help you and other driver to have a safe trip instead of stumbling other lane and causing accidents.

  • :- Make sure to share the road in most intelligent way :--- :-- Increase your following distance if you are behind a


  • :- If you are driving in construction zones, then look out for cautions, follow road signs and be careful.

  • :- Finally don't exceed your car's load limit which will reduce the mileage and fuel efficiency. So only pack the things that is essentially

    needed and within the manufacturers prescribed load limit.

  • Always travel with plenty of waters as summer sun can dehydrate you easily.