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  • 1. How to Plan Your Cargo Van Storage Space

2. Contractors rely on the storage space in their van to keep them organized and efficient. But, for the new contractor just starting out in business, designing the cargo van storage space may seem like a daunting task. Heres a simple tutorial that will help you through some steps of how to plan your cargo van storage, helping you set up your van so that it works for you on the job. To make it easier, break the project down into six specific areas of your van, each with a different storage function in mind. Your regular workshop is organized according to tasks or functions of your profession, so your work van can be just as effective, if you plan out the space in advance. Think about your workshop. You have the tool chest located in one area for a reason, and your saws, drill press, and other equipment spread out in other areas for the space they require. Functionally, you wouldnt store all your small screwdrivers by the drill press when you actually need them over by the workbench and tool chest. Phase4photography | Uwe Bumann | 3. Plan Your Contractor Van Storage Zones When youre trying to figure out how to plan your cargo van storage, think of the storage capabilities based on different zones within your van. Think of the six different zones of your commercial van: 1. The partition behind the seats 2. Street side behind the seats 3. Street side at the back 4. Curbside at the back 5. The roof 6. The exterior Zone 1 The first zone to consider in your cargo van storage starts with the question of whether or not you need a solid partition or one with a door for accessibility to the rear of the van. Either way, the partition is not just an empty wall; it can also be used to hang items to keep them within easy reach. Remember that this zone is directly behind you while youre driving. You probably dont want to hang a lot of little items that can shift or jingle as you turn corners. However, there is ample storage space in this area, and securing the cargo on the partition is easy to do. 4. Zone 2 Now, were moving into the interior of your cargo van area. Directly behind the seats, on the street side of the van, you may want to consider adding shelving or drawer units. Again, determine your storage needs, and look at the overall work space. When you are inside the van, what is the function of that particular space in relation to the others? Know what tasks you might do there or what could be stored there. This space is directly opposite the side doors on the curbside of the van, so it is easily accessible for quick tools or equipment. A shelving system with a workstation that includes catalog file organization makes it easy to look up information you need while on the job. Zone 3 Further back, still on the street side of the van, you may want to store other items that you would normally need access to from the rear doors. Things like tank holders, hooks, or a reel holder would be efficiently used from the rear of your contractor cargo van. Just inside the rear doors is another good place to store your binders, manuals, or other printed material that you often refer to during a service call. Document holder shelves in this area allow you to view or read your documents in the comfort of your storage van, out of the weather elements. 5. Zone 4 On the curbside part of the van, directly behind the side doors, you may want some other storage ideas. Lockable drawer units might work here, to contain small parts and supplies. Drawers come in many different sizes, so you can install the right type of drawer for your small parts storage needs. Consider the best way to group your small parts together, and set up the drawer system in a way that makes sense for your efficiency. Divider shelves may also separate small equipment or machinery you want to secure while driving. Rather than having one, long shelf for your small equipment, you can be assured that nothing turns up missing at the end of a job, just by checking to be sure your equipment is in its assigned divider. This helps reduce the risk of leaving tools or equipment on a job site! Since the sides of this cabinet system are accessible from both the side doors and the back doors, its a good place to hang a hook storage system. Hard hats, ropes, cables, and other items can be hung so that they are accessible right from the door, without stepping into the van to retrieve them. 6. Zone 5 The roof of many commercial vehicles is used for transporting large or long items. Understand the weight load of your particular van, and know what you might possibly be carrying up there. There are many types of racks to select, including cargo racks, ladder racks, and utility racks, and each rack serves a purpose for safely transporting product on top of your vehicle. 7. Zone 6 Dont discredit using the exterior of your van; its important for effectively marketing your business! Contractors who arrive at a job site with a well-branded cargo van appear more professional and successful than those who arrive in a standard, plain white commercial van. It also gives your clients more security about your company, and better trust in the services you provide, because you value your company image and reputation by making your company obvious to them. This is your most visible asset, and you should create a personal identity for your work van or pickup with a quality vehicle wrap that provides 24/7 Commercial Curb Appeal to attract attention for your company. People will remember your services and recommend you to others when they see your graphical van traveling in your community! 8. Plan Your Space in Advance Remember to think through the functionality of your cargo van storage system, and set up your commercial van in a way that helps you work safely, efficiently, and effectively. Each zone of your van can have a different purpose, and by planning in advance, you wont waste any areas that can be used for maximizing your van storage space. The Contractors Corner is sponsored by Adrian Steel. Find more information about cargo van storage at