CompetitionX How To: Prep your Short Course Body for Racing

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  • Prep your SC body for the perfect aerodynamic advantage!

    Start by washing the body

    How To: Prep Your SC Body for /rc-how-tos/prep-your-sc-body-for-racing/

    In all forms of racing, aerodynamics play a huge roleon how a vehicle performs. Since Short Course racingrequires the bodies to keep their recognizable form,full-scale racers have streamlined the original bodyinto a sleek, sexy package. While this rule also appliesto RC, we need to take a few extra steps to keep ourSC trucks from turning into high-flying wind sails!

    Items Needed:SC Body, preferably one that is already painted andready to mount.Curved lexan scissors, file and or dremel to cut holesand clean them up.Hobby knife for cutting stickers.

    Step 1: Prep the Body

    Therearequite afew

    aftermarket companies (as well as the original manufacturers) that offer clear SC bodies. Once youvechosen the one you like, it is recommended that you mount the body before painting. This ensures that anymounting holes you drill will be perfect once the body is completed. Next, clean your body, mask it andpaint it up. With curved Lexan scissors, cut along the trim lines to remove all the unused plastic. For this

  • Attach the body panels

    How To, well assume youve completed that task.

    Step 2: Attach the Body Panels

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    optional step depending on the body youve chosen. Some bodies, like Prolines Ford Raptor used here,include additional panels that you can attach. While these wont necessarily affect performance, they dogive your Short Course Truck a realistic look as well as adding some additional real estate for stickers orcustom paintwork.

    Step 3: Cut Some No-Fly Holes

    Here is the tricky part. Since SC trucks tend to act as giant parachutes when they leave the ground, it ispossible to cut holes in the body to allow the air to flow out. This helps keep the truck flying straight andtrue when in the air. You may need to experiment a bit, but keep in mind that any flat surfaces on the backof the body can trap air under it. Two things to keep in mind; 1) dont cut shapes that have sharp edges(like squares). Any unexpected tumbles can cause the body to tear in the corners. Keep to the circularshapes for best results. 2) Be careful how much material you remove; too much and you can weaken theback of the body. Remember, you are only trying to let the air out.

    Step 4: Show Your Support

    Whether youre sponsored or not, its always a good idea to show your support for the manufacturersproducts you use. You chose that SC truck for a reasonwhy not let everyone know what truck is beatingthem on the track! In addition, you never know when a manufacturers team manager is around checkingout the local talent.

    There you have it. Tweaking the aerodynamics of your body could take a couple of attempts, but once

  • Make strategic air outlets

    youve found the right combination of holes and cutouts, it will definitely help put you in front of the pack.

  • Apply the final touches

    How To: Prep Your SC Body for RacingStep 1: Prep the BodyStep 2: Attach the Body PanelsStep 3: Cut Some No-Fly HolesStep 4: Show Your Support