Drive with confidence in the winter storm with these safe driving tips!

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Text of Drive with confidence in the winter storm with these safe driving tips!

  • Drive with confidence

    in the winter storm

    with these safe

    driving tips!

  • The winter storms are upon us and coming in as strong as ever. If possible its best to stay off the roads.

    Theyll be slippery with ice and visibility will be very low. If traveling is unavoidable, then you should

    brush up on some safe driving tips for getting behind the wheel during a winter storm. Our selection of

    new Toyota cars at our N Charlotte Toyota dealership have top safety features to keep you safe;

    however, knowing some safe driving tips is important! Check the safe driving tips our team at our

    Toyota dealership near Charlotte has come up with!

    Accelerate/Decelerate slowly

    When youre pressing down on the gas, imagine theres an egg under the pedal you dont want to crack.

    Applying the gas slowly is important to gain traction and avoid skidding out. Decelerating is just as

    important! Slamming on your brakes puts you in danger of sliding and losing control of your car. There

    will be ice patches along the road and youll have very little traction. This safe driving tip will save you

    from slipping and spinning out of control.

    Service your car

    Make sure your car is up to date with its service is another important safe driving tip. Your brakes are

    crucial to safe driving your North Charlotte car this winter. If you cant remember the last time you had

    your car serviced, it might be time to bring it in. Our experts at our Toyota Service center near Charlotte

    will be glad to inspect and make your vehicle winter-ready!

    Drive Slowly

    It may seem like an obvious safe driving tip, but our Toyota dealership near Charlotte suggest you take

    your time with everything out on the road! The last thing you want to do is hit a patch of ice while

    turning and lose control. Slow down so you can properly maneuver your car.

  • Headlights

    Visibility can be very low during a winter storm. Make sure you can see and other people can see you by

    turning on your headlights. It can be dangerous to turn on your hazard lights while driving. Our team at

    our Toyota dealership near Charlotte recommends turning on your bright lights when needed; however,

    stay away from your hazard lights.


    There are a few safe driving tips to remember while driving your North Charlotte car up and down hills

    during a snow storm. Try not to stop on hills if possible! Hills cause you to lose traction and gravity is not

    your friend! Sliding down a hill uncontrollably isnt as fun as it sounds and can be extremely dangerous.

  • You should also refrain from powering up hills. Hitting the gas on icy roads just starts your wheels

    spinning because lack of traction.

    This winter storm can make things out on the road very hectic. Safety is our top priority at our Toyota

    dealership near Charlotte! Come by the North Charlotte Toyota service center today to guarantee your

    car is ready to brave the elements this winter. We are located at 13429 Statesville Road.