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  • I remember going to Austin, Texas one time with my friend.

  • We hadnt been there since we were very young.

  • Neither of us were great navigators, and we probably should have had someone else traveling along with us who actually knew how to get to our destination.

  • Being young though we didnt really think this through.

  • This was the story of our life.

  • Go out and have fun.

  • Prepare a little, but not nearly enough.

  • We would have been better off using Google Maps to help us navigate to Austin.

  • I really wish that we would of had these tips about Google Maps when we were having our little adventure.

  • However, we cannot go back in time to correct this, but you can learn from our past experience for the next time you drive somewhere.

  • The first tip is to make sure that you have someone with you when you are using Google Maps as a navigation system.

  • This will allow you to keep your eyes on the road, and let your passenger safely tell you directions to get to your destination.

  • Along with having your passenger use the app they are also able to zoom in and out to better see the different streets.

  • This can be beneficial if the two of you get stuck in traffic, and need to find an alternate route.

  • The next tip is to save the maps on a device for offline mode.

  • This is beneficial if you and your passengers are driving in an area without a good cell reception or wifi.

  • Another tip that can prove beneficial with Google Maps is to look for upcoming events in the area that you are headed to.

  • This can help you calculate additional time needed if you know where traffic will be heavier due to some attraction.

  • The fourth tip for Google Maps is to search for flights.

  • Google Maps can then compare the time to get to get to the destination via flight, or driving.

  • The costs and times for flying will also be included.

  • In this case it may actually be cheaper and less time costly to actually fly.

  • This can prove useful if you need to go to a far location.

  • The final tip for Google Maps that I will discuss is to drop local knowledge using the map maker function of the app.

  • This will allow you to have a more detailed idea of where you are going, and what will be the best way to get their whether it is flying or driving.