GPS Fleet Tracking Device GPSI-4000

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  • GPSI-4000 Tracking Solution

    Accessories Switch assemblies Temperature Sensors Dual mode antenna (included) Tie wrap or screw mounts Custom cable assemblies External mount antennas

    Features Expandable, highly customizable/configurable GPS tracking device Integrates with GARMIN nvi personal navigational devices Configurable reporting intervals from 10 seconds to 5 minutes Switches/sensors accommodate reports/alerts on PTO, temperature, etc. Includes capabilities for up to 7 inputs/3 outputs (buzzer, etc.) Serial communications for laptop connectivity, customizations Simple 3 wire install for basic tracking Supports Driver ID 3-axis accelerometer for Harsh Braking reporting Available currently with any GPRS network (worldwide) Available with CDMA (Verizon) network

    Technical Specifications/Miscellaneous 50 channel GPS (with SBAS, DGPS) 2 meter CEP (with SBAS) -- typically accurate to 5-15 feet 2 built in LEDs for cellular and GPS status 2 1-wire interfaces Dimensions: 122 x 84 x 22mm (4.8 x 3.3 x 0.85in) Weight: 11oz (0.69lbs) jPOD Truck ECU Interface Antenna options (stealth included)

    U.S. Coverage (CDMA) 480.663.9454866.GPS.4321

    *Typical in-coverage transmission from vehicle to GPS Insight takes 2-8 seconds. Update frequencies range from once per hour to once every 10 seconds, depending on needs, and affect monthly pricing. Up to 10,000 historical locations may be stored if a vehicle leaves a coverage area. These locations will be uploaded as soon as coverage is regained. For exact coverage in your area, please contact a GPS Insight representative.

    Coverage No Coverage Coverage No Coverage


  • 480.663.9454866.GPS.4321


    Vibration/Shock SAE J1455US Military Standard 202G and 810F

    Temperature -30 / +70 C Operating, -40 / + 85 C storage

    Humidity 95% RH @ 50 C non-condensing

    EMC/EMI SAE J1113


    Power Source 6-32V DC

    Consumption < 70 mA (active)< 4 mA (deep sleep)

    Pricing (quantities)

    Hardware $400, $425, $450, $475, $500, $525(quantities of 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 1)

    Service $32.95, $39.95, $49.95, $54.95 per month(5, 2, 1, and half minute update frequencies)

    GPS Insights premium tracking product is easily installed with 3 wires, and allows customers to utilize our best of breed, dashboard driven, GPS tracking solution. With GPS Insights vehicle tracking solution, your company will know where vehicles are at all times, where they have been for 3 years, if they have been speeding, idling, used off-hours, or at undesirable locations. Your customer visits will be easily quantified for billing justification or customer satisfaction.

    Our GPSI-4000 is a valuable addition to our line of tracking devices, which include Vehicle, Heavy Equip-ment, Trailer and Freight tracking solutions.

    GPS Insight Customizable Dashboard Interface