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  1. 1. For: GPS Insight Advanced GPS Fleet & Asset Tracking Presented by: Billy Barker
  2. 3.
    • Real-time Location via Browser-based, 3D, or Mobile Mapping
    • Powerful Reports and Instant Alerts
    • Garmin, Driver ID, & Fuel Card Integration
    • Routing Optimization
    • Messaging Capabilities
    • Unlimited Data History
    • Engine Diagnostics
    • Multiple tracking options that fit your organizational needs (Vehicle, Asset, Equipment, Freight, Personnel, etc.)
  3. 4.
    • Reduce Fuel Costs
    • Improve Fleet Safety
    • Bill Your Customers More Accurately
    • Reduce Labor Costs
    • Greener Fleet
    • Extend the Life of Your Fleet
    • Cut Your Fleet Size & Costs
    • Insurance Discounts
    • Theft Recovery
    • Improve Response Times
  4. 5. Monitoring and dispatching your vehicles has never been easier. GPS Insight software allows its customers to focus completely on tracking and managing their fleet, and not on managing the software.
  5. 6. The GPS Insight dashboard interface is quick, simple and infinitely configurable. With just a few clicks, you can run any report or map for a single vehicle, a group of vehicles, or your entire fleet.
  6. 7. Moveable windows called Dashlets provide insight via real-time maps, vehicle location lists, alerts, graphs, messages, landmark visits, and more. Dashlets may be moved around the screen, re-sized, added, or removed. 30+ configurable drag and drop Dashlets are available
  7. 8.
    • Full-screen street, hybrid, & satellite mapping with configurable vehicle group icon shapes
    • Table of Contents to find a single vehicle or landmark
    • One-click access to a zoomed location, simple landmark creation, driving directions, messaging, and activity trails
    • At-a-glance vehicle status list with color- coded icon shapes
    • Configurable vehicle label choices to see vehicle name, driver name, both, or neither
  8. 9.
    • Allows you to see and work with thousands of vehicle and landmarks at once
    • Time Slider allows you to drill into a particular time of your fleets history easily
    • Street View shows exactly where your vehicles are with recent street level photos
    • Many reports export to 3D Google Earth for a visual analysis of your fleets activity
    • Google Earth lets you overlay countless other data elements and is the premier mapping platform for power users
  9. 10. GPS Insight provides 30+ powerful and intuitive reports to quantify activity, idling, stop times, speeding, landmark visits, and other aspects of driver efficiency.
  10. 11.
    • Activity
    • Activity Detail
    • Begin/End of Day
    • Drive Time Summary
    • Fleet Utilization
    • Odd-Hours
    • Run Time
    • State Mileage
    • Switches
    • Route Efficiency
    • Service Reminders
    • Speeding/Idling
    • Posted Speed
    • Speed Summary
    • Speed Violations
    • Idle Detail
    • Idle Time
    • Idle Research
    • Stop Detail
    • Stop Detail
    • Stop Notes
    • Stop Graph
    • Other Reports
    • Fuel Transactions
    • Fuel Usage & MPG
    • Landmark
    • Path History
    • DTC Alerts
    • Custom
    Plus Many More!
  11. 12. GPS Insight offers several types of alerts to keep you aware of exceptions and fleet activity. Each alert can be customized to your specific preferences. Alerts can be sent to you, or anyone specified, via email or SMS text message.
    • Speeding
    • Idling
    • Odd-Hours/Weekend
    • Landmark/Landmark Stop
    • Long Stops
    • Late Arrival
    • Out-of-Range
    • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
    • Switch-based
    • Driver Login
  12. 13.
    • Landmarks make alerts, reports, and maps much more intuitive and provide better context for vehicle activity
    • Use polygons to precisely define your landmarks
    • Instantly create landmarks from a location on a map or report
    • Create and import landmarks from Google Earth
    • Create alerts that notify you when a vehicle enters or leaves a landmark or landmark group
    GPS Insight Landmarks are mapped areas/boundaries which make it easy to set parameters to trigger alerts, reports, and maps to deliver even greater insight into your fleets activity.
  13. 14.
    • Optimize the order of your vehicles stops, using your highway/speed/distance preferences
    • Send optimized route to a Garmin inside your drivers vehicle
    • Determine inefficient driver routes by using the Driver Efficiency Report
    • Compare your drivers actual route to your set route in 3D Google Earth to visualize your drivers behavior
    GPS Insight easily allows you to identify wasteful routes. Our Routing capabilities can be used to help assign the best routes for your vehicles.
  14. 15.
    • Send stops and daily routes to your drivers wirelessly via the GPS Insight Dashboard
    • Garmin provides your driver with both visual and audible turn-by-turn directions
    • Send and receive text messages and one-click canned responses
    • Garmin utilizes driver login and driver status updates
    • Inbound driver forms may be used to automate numeric calculations of pick-ups, units serviced, and/or people dropped off per location
    Integrate GPS Insight with Garmin devices for the easiest way to message and send routes to your fleet.
  15. 16. GPS Insight and Wright Express customers can generate Fuel Card Reports on all fuel card transactions, and more importantly, see flagged activity where a specified vehicle was not present for the associated purchase transaction.
  16. 17. Any activity performed by the vehicle during the time the driver was assigned will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Maps have driver information available for display at your preference, and alerts/messages will have the appropriate drivers contact information (email address and cell phone number for SMS) as an optional override to the default vehicle information. GPS Insight Driver ID allows management to report on individual drivers, not just vehicles.
  17. 18. Mobile functionality makes it easy to track and communicate with your fleet from anywhere, at any time, by using your mobile device. Google Maps for Mobile Mobile Apps (iPhone/iPad) Mobile Browser SMS Messaging
  18. 19. 866-477-4321 Thank you for your interest in our product! Please call or visit our website for additional info. Download our recent Newsletter & Product Brochure: