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ABLOY Protec Authorized Dealer in canada at Mr. Locksmith Vancouver to provide high end security options. http://mrlocksmithvancouver.com


  • ABLOY PrOtect AuthOrized deALer
  • ABLOY Protec Authorized Dealer One more feather to our cap; Mr. Locksmith is now an authorized Canada dealer for ABLOY Protec locking systems. This is in line with our vision to provide our clientele with high end security options.
  • About Abloy The firm Abloy was founded in the year 1907 and has since cut out a niche for itself as the number one producer of locks. The company has risen to world acclaim through sheer skill, dedication and provision of the most secure locks.
  • Our locks are not only drill resistant but also pick-resistant. In fact, to our credit even the older generation locks are still holding their ground in terms of security. as such, we can easily say that Abloy is a cut above the rest when it comes to high security locking devices.
  • Notable Features of Abloy Locks One of the features that have made these locks especially revered in security matters is the fact that they are built to be drill resistant. These locks have a self-cleaning design that keeps the dirt and other foreign material from sticking on the locks. The Abloy Protec2 comes with a master key system that has up to 1.97 billion possible combinations. All these have been designed to not only provide you with security but also convenience.
  • Abloy Protec2 This is the next generation of Abloys genius in terms of lock provision. The locks themselves are more or less similar in terms of design to the original Abloy Protec. However, they do come with some additional technical features in order to increase the security of the premises on which they are used. The keys for these locks have been designed with a movable part in order to reduce cases of counterfeiting.
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