How to change a tire on a forklift

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  • 1. How to Change a Tire on a ForkliftA forklift is a power machine thatis useful on construction sitesand in factories alike. Driversknow that the best way to keepthe machinery working properlyis to change the tiresperiodically. This reduces thewear and tear on the forkliftstransmission as well as reducingthe drivers stress. All forkliftsare not the same though, andthe mechanics of changing the tire vary from machine to machine. How theforklift is utilized, the weight of the loads that the forklift carries, and theground surface a forklift must travel over are all factors to consider whenreplacing a tire. However, to change a tire on a forklift is not as daunting asit seems. This procedure requires a forklift, a forklift jack, an air impactwrench, a solid ribber forklift tire, a polyurethane forklift tire, and apneumatic forklift tire.Following close inspection, ifthe wear on the tire exceedsforty percent, purchase areplacement. The act ofchoosing replacement forklifttires is dependent upon theworking conditions of theforklift. Polyurethane tiresare ideal for indoor workingconditions whereaspneumatic tires are thickerand more appropriate forforklifts that ride overrougher terrain. Standard rubber tires and decent for indoor or outdoorareas but are best when used on smooth surfaces.Depending upon the damaged tires location, place the forklift in the front orback. Lift the forklift up using a jack. A regular car jack will not work as aspecial forklift jack is needed. To learn more click here to visit

2. Use the air impact wrench to remove the lugnuts from the wheel and then pull the wheeloff of the forklift to change the tire.Moreover, the type of tire required dictatesthis process. For a polyurethane tire, theeasiest tires to change on a forklift, removethe tire and simply press another tire backonto the wheel. If changing a solid rubbertire, remove the tire as a whole and replaceit with the new rubber tire.Lastly, if the forklift is stored in doors,always be sure to keep the storage area asclean as possible. Debris and other itemscan be sharp and jeopardize the forkliftstires but removing them significantlyextends the life of the tires.To learn more click here to visit