Mercedes Sprinter Van Features

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  • Mercedes sprinter

  • 2000KgTowing capability

    Mercedes sprinter

    ECO Start/stoptechnology

    Blind spotassist


    ASSYST computerOil age checker

    Crosswind Assist

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  • Technology & safety

  • technology & safety

    Eco start/stop Technology

    Save up to 15% on fuel costs by automaticallyswitching off your engine at traffic jams & red lights....the perfect urban technology.

  • technology & safety

    Crosswind assist

    At speeds over 50 mph, gentle, course-correcting brake application quickly intervenes to stabilize the Sprinter van in strong, gusting crosswinds.


  • technology & safety

    ASSYST Service computer

    A micro computer that monitors the aging of motor oil which then calculates a maintenance plan for the engine....a longer lasting van.

  • technology & safety

    Blind spot Assist

  • technology & safety

    Collision Prevention Assist

    Radar unit placed at the front bumper thatdetects vehicles / obstacles in front. The unit will automatically apply emergency braking when coming too close to vehiclesin front

  • technology & safety

    Lane Keep Assist

    Front mounted camera detects lane / roadmarkings. Any unintentional deviation resultsin an audio warning for course correction

  • technology & safety

    Adaptive Highbeam Assist

    Camera detects on coming vehicles and automatically dims the high-beams to that vehicle, while keeping illumination strongelsewhere.

  • technology & safety

    Reversing camera

  • technology & safety

    Designed to stop the vehicle from spinning out of control during emergency maneuvers. ESC has prevented up to 80% of vehicles fromspinning out of control.


  • Design & style

  • Design & style

    Four Wheelbases

  • Design & style

    Multiple Roof Heights

  • Design & style

    17m3 cargo Volume

    1500Kg payload

  • 3 engines to choose from

  • 4-cylinder bluetec turbocharged - DIESEL Engine

    6-Cylinder BlueTEC Turbocharged - DIESEL Engine

    CO2: 200 g/kmMPG: 33.2 mpg

    CO2: 203 g/kmMPG: 33.2 mpg

    Engine - Powertrain

    6-Cylinder 4x4 BlueTEC - DIESEL ENGINE

    CO2: 209 g/kmMPG: 30.2 mpg

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