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1. ELM327 Bluetooth Quickly, Easily and Safely Discover and Take Complete Control of Your Car by Plugging in This Compact, Genuine and Reliable Bluetooth Scanner... 2. ELM327 Bluetooth ELM 327 Bluetooth OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Bluetooth OBD2 OBDII Bluetooth OBD II Bluetooth 3. ELM327 Bluetooth ELM327 Bluetooth plugs into your car and laptop / phone / tablet and let's them communicate with each other through OBD software. This Bluetooth also works on any and every OBD app on Google Play store for Android devices as we thoroughly tested. Meaning you can diagnose vehicle problems, reset faults, tap into performance statistics and basically see everything you ever wanted to know about the inside of your vehicle(s). 4. ELM 327 Bluetooth What's more - our scanner will give you "dealer level" diagnostic power on your vehicle allowing you to perform advanced diagnostics, health checkups and fault analysis on systems beyond generic OBDII systems of just Engine and Transmission. 5. ELM 327 Bluetooth Features: Faster with more stable connections then competitor/clone ELM327 devices: Experience faster screen updates and more graph points. Ultra-small scan tool: At just under 8cm long scanner wont obstruct driver legroom. Hack-Proof: Cutting-edge security scheme virtually eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. Works with 128- bit military grade data encryption, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) protection. Read/Clear MIL (Check Engine light): Check diagnostic codes yourself and make informed and money-saving repair decisions. Works on Windows and MacOS : Turn your laptop into a sophisticated diagnostics tool and performance analyst. 6. OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Works on a wider range of vehicles: Our scanners advanced algorithm enables it to connect to more OBDII-compliant makes & models than most scan tools on the market. The processor is based on Elm Electronics ELM327 code. Doesn't used modified clone-based code as is typically sold. If you're not completely convinced that our ELM327 Bluetooth scantool can help you comprehensively and thoroughly diagnose / read / clear your cars data or error faults... or if you decide ELM327 Bluetooth can't help you save time and money by avoiding expensive car mechanic fees...just let us know 365 days after your initial test-drive of ELM327 Bluetooth Scanner. We'll refund every dollar you've paid. No strings attached. 7. OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Can display sensor data like: 1. Engine RPM 2. Calculated Load Value 3. Coolant Temperature 4. Fuel System Status 5. Vehicle Speed 6. Short Term Fuel Trim 7. Long Term Fuel Trim 8. Intake Manifold Pressure 9. Timing Advance 10. Intake Air Temperature 11. Air Flow Rate 12. Absolute Throttle Position 13. Oxygen sensor voltages/associated short term fuel trims 14. Fuel System status 15. Fuel Pressure 16. ...over 4,000 - 15,000 additional values. Our ELM327 interface goes head-to-head with the fake scan tools on the market especially those on eBay. 8. Bluetooth OBD2 Because there are a lot of phony scan tools out there which are sold at very cheap prices but don't always work as advertised. For example, they have painfully slow data refresh rates. They randomly cut-off connections. And don't work with all vehicle protocols. So you're missing out on lot of valuable data from the car. All those issues are taken care of in this new v2015 ELM327 reader. It's fast, reliable and trusted by thousands of professional automotive technicians. It's also backed by our exclusive 1-year warranty. 9. OBDII Bluetooth TOAD will instantly show you existing problems and faults with the car, where they're located, and how to fix them. This could save your car from potential future complete failures ultimately saving you thousands of dollars, time and frustration before the vehicle brakes down unexpectedly. Worse yet, leaving you or your customer stranded! 10. OBDII Bluetoot h 11. OBD II Bluetooth We offer unlimited and lifetime personal technical support, provided by experienced car mechanics. This to ensure that you make maximum use from TOAD software for your vehicle(s). 12. ELM327 Bluetooth For inquiries please visit : Wed like to connect with you.