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Social Media Reputation Management by Ralph Paglia to SAB

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Text of Social Media Reputation Management by Ralph Paglia to SAB

  1. 1. Social Media and
    Reputation Management
  2. 2. Introduction
    Director - Digital Marketing
    Dealer Services
    • Directing operations of ADP/BZ Social Media & Reputation Management solutions for dealers
    • 3. Establishing ADP/ASU venture in Scottsdale, AZ at -new home of expandedSocial Media Reputation Management Team
    For 18 months, the ADP / BZ Digital Marketing team has been identifying the most productive social media marketing and reputation management strategies.
    Insights gained have been leveraged by refining, documenting and Productizing a series of detailed dealer solution blueprints.
    Field Trials and Dealer Pilots have proven our strategy and multiple tactical utilizations of social media marketing and reputation management processes as being effective in several valuable categories within marketing, communications, CRM and profit building objectives
    Selling Cars By Accident has been an unanticipated outcome at FT dealers in Seattle, Phoenix, Denver, San Antonio, New York, Indianapolis, etc.
    Cell: [email protected]
  3. 4. Objectives
    Share Insights From Social Media Implementations
    Gather Your Feedback and Recommendations
    Put Insight to Work in Social Media Solutions
  4. 5. What is your level of awareness of
    The volume and significance of consumer use of Social Media today?
    How Social Media Marketing can or should be part of the marketing mix of a retail business?
    The effects of Social Media usage on brand reputation and how to manage it?
    How many sales presentations have you had in the past year for Social Media solutions?
  5. 6. Dealers Committed to Social Media Improve Sales Rank
    OEM with most commitment and investment in social mediagained more market share & profits during 2008-09 recessionthan during any other same time period in past 32 years
  6. 7. First things First What About Return on Investment?
    To date, weve found 5Areas for repeatable ROI Opportunity for dealers
    Do not confuse the ability to track and measure results with generating a Return On Investment
    Your ROI is realized (or not) whether or not you have the ability to correctly measure outcomes!
    - Red McCombs
  7. 8. ROI in Social Media Marketing / Reputation Management
  8. 9. If your organization is engaged in social media or reputation management activities
    What benefits have you experienced?
    How long did it take to achieve any significant impact?
    Have you been able to quantify them?
    Any downsides?
  9. 10. Five Areas of Social Media ROI Opportunity
    Marketing Communications & Lead Capture
    Reputation Management
    Traffic Generation
    Improved SEO Strategies
    Reduce Network Bandwidth Load
  10. 11. Social Media ROI
    Marketing Communications and Lead Capture
    Create and Publish content that attracts consumer attention, captures mindshare within demographics targeted by dealers marketing strategy
    Use Social Media based Apps to engage, interact, convert into lead or gain permission based messaging capability
  11. 12. Social Media ROI
    Reputation Management
    Monitor social web in dealers PMA for content posted containing dealership brand.
    911 Fast Response Process for negative content posted. Notify dealer POCs of what was posted, when and by who. Send POC copy, including response published and actions/due dates required
    Social Rewards strategy for positive posts, comments and mentions
    Promptly create and post appropriate responses to all dealership mentions so people see your store cares, pays attention, responds, appreciates compliments and resolves customer concern issues
  12. 13. Social Media ROI
    Traffic Generation
    Drive targeted traffic from social media sites to dealers
    Social assets and websites
    Inbound calls to social media assigned numbers
    Showroom traffic
    Anchor text
    Embedded links
    Stories and content
  13. 14. Social Media ROI
    Improved Search Optimization Strategies
    • Quickly increase the dealership SEO footprint
    • 15. Multiple SERP listings from dealers Social Media accounts and profile subdomains
    • 16. Back links from hundreds of Social Media sites to dealers eCommerce site
    • 17. Boost authority and rank with search engines
  14. Social Media ROI
    Reduce Network Bandwidth Load
    Utilize video and applications designed for low user bandwidth loads
    Reduce bandwidth load from public sites such as YouTube and Facebook.
    Increased employee interactivity & collaboration across multiple rooftops
  15. 18. Have you documented or implemented policies regarding access to employee access to social media?
    Access & Security
    Acceptable Use
    Content & Interaction
    Commentary & Proprietary Info
    Control & Review
    What role have you assigned to manage social media initiatives and operations?
  16. 19. Prevailing Notion Social Media Is Free Marketing
    Unlimited Social Media and Digital Marketing Opportunities are available at little to no direct cost
    • Significant time and attention
    • 20. Continual optimization
    • 21. Continual Time v Benefit evaluation
    Social Media sites should be evaluated based on objective criteria and the results they deliver. The value of what the dealer gets back is then reduced by the cost of the time (labor) required to manage various tasks and work flows.Dealers have access to virtually unlimited Social Media Marketing Opportunities which are available without direct media buying expense
    But are they free? Only if your time has no value! When the true value of your time is factored in, there are still many ROI positive opportunities, but there are also Social Media sites that become Black Holes of Time and should be cut from the maintenance roster!
  17. 22. Thinking Strategically
    Amplify the Positive
    • Processes that generate positive reviews, ratings & consumer commentary
    • 23. Respond and mitigate negative reviews and comments.
    Monitor What People Are Saying About Your Dealership
    • Target your PMA
    • 24. Raise awareness with key stakeholders; provide detailed information
    • 25. Detailed information - when, where and by who
    Timeliness, Visibility and Transparency
    • Promptly create and post appropriate responses to all dealership mentions
    • 26. Tangibly demonstrate that your store cares, pays attention, responds, appreciates compliments and resolves customer concern issues
    Drive Targeted Traffic to Optimal Destinations
    • Leverage anchor text, social media mentions, UGC, positive reviews
    Leverage Search Strategies
    • Create multiple SERP listings for positive dealership reviews, consumer generated content and Social Media accounts
  18. Automotive Social Media Platform Strategy
  19. 27. Stories Sell:
    a single play in theViral MarketingPlaybook
  20. 28. Time and Money
    Often Thought of as Similar Resources of Similar Value
    Striking the balance between social media marketing objectives and associate productivity
    • How much attention do your social media sites demand?
    • 29. How much are they getting?
    • 30. Are you interacting with Blogs, Forums or Communities?
    • 31. Are you leveraging visual content Photos, Video?
    • 32. What other User Generated Content do you leverage?
    Has your Internet Sales Mgr experienced any Job Description Creep lately?Was that because he had nothing to do otherwise?So, what had to give?
  21. 33. Social Media MarketingIs it a Black Hole for Employee Productivity?
  22. 34. Establishing and Sustaining
    Social Media Marketing
    Reputation Management
  23. 35. Social Media / Reputation ManagementComplete Social Marketing Team
    Social Marketing Representative (SoMAR)
    • ADP Social Marketing Professional
    • 36. Dedicated to your account
    SoMARs role:
  24. 37. Social Media / Reputation ManagementComplete Social Marketing Team
    Complete Social Marketing Team
    • Professional Execution
    • 38. Social Marketing skill set
  25. 39. Social Media / Reputation ManagementFive Phase Deployment Model
    Phase I
    Initial Data Collection & AnalysisTarget Duration: 4 weeks
    Dealer Sign-off onbuild-out strategy
    Phase II
    Build-Out of Social EnvironmentTarget Duration: 3 weeks
    Review of finalinstall config & accesscompleted w/ Dealer
    Phase III
    Onsite ConsultingTarget Duration: 2 weeks
    Training complete;outstanding itemsidentified
    Phase IV
    Transition Install to MaintenanceTarget Duration: 2 weeks
    Maintenance transitionmeeting w/ Dealer
    Phase V
    MaintenanceTarget Duration: Ongoing
    Account teamworks w/ Dealer;Contract renewal
  26. 40. Content SyndicationSharing The Good Stuff
    User Generated
    Dealer Sponsored
  27. 41. Co