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  1. 1. SAVE 400 Organised by: Europes largest B2B Telematics Conference and Exhibitionwhen you register before August 12th. Priority code inside. Munich 2011November 9th-10th, 2011Hilton Munich Park Hotel, Munich, GermanyTelematics Proves Indispensable: Embrace New Demands asthe Car Transforms into a Mobile Services Platform Telematics 3.0 - An Essential Tool for the AutomotiveExpert Speakers Include: Industry: Understand the updated value proposition of the telematics services package which includes options such as on-board advertising and location-based analytics to reposition offerings The Next Wave of Navigation and Infotainment Innovation: Discuss how real-time over IP navigation apps provide the ability to optimise data payloads for delivering richer real-time and predictive traffic flow and incident information for improved traffic management Embracing Open Innovation in the Automotive Space: Learn how automakers plan to manage 3rd party relationships to restrict branding damage through methods such as API guides to crystalise app development strategies ECall Implementation in Europe and other Regions: The latest from EU headquarters regarding eCall status and an update on the HeERO pan European eCall pilot tests to understand whats required to support the European infrastructure The Power of Telematics in the Electric Vehicle Market: Explore systems that provide charge level data, routing information and the nearest charge source to beat consumer range anxiety and increase adoption Telematics Usage within Car as a SerVICe (CAAS) Concept: Understand the future model of mobility services and hear how automakers will harness new schemes such as insurance telematics, vehicle-to-vehicle services and car-sharing to capitalise on changing consumer attitudesFACT! Telematics Munich is a great 500+ Executive Delegates 4 Focussed Tracksplace to network.The event gives 50+ Expert Speakers20+ Hours of Supreme Networkingyour company a visibility hardly 30+ Business Focussed Sessions New Speakers, New Intelligence,seen elsewhere. FordNew Case StudiesPlatinum SponsorsGold Sponsors Badge SponsorLanyard Sponsor Digital Location SponsorFolder Sponsor Workshop SponsorBag SponsorCo-Sponsor For the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information
  2. 2. Organized by:Welcome to the 9th Annual Telematics MunichConference and ExhibitionTelematics Proves IndispensiblePrepare for a new wave of innovation and demand as the connected vehicle reaches new heightsDear Industry Colleagues, Telematics Munich 2011 brings you essential topics These include: Ford, SAAB, Fiat, Audi, Toyota,such as: BMW, Volvo, Zurich, Nokia, Harman, SonyThis year has allowed the industry to recognisea certain crucial fact: A brand new IT device ismbracing Open Innovation in the AutomotiveEEricsson, The Linux Foundation, The Europeanemerging; and its called the automobile. Despite SpaceCommission and morebeing predicted for some time, the automakers Addressing Solutions for Smartphone-VehicleIntegrationTelematics Munich 2010 again was the not tohave now recognised this; leading to some vital miss conference to meet the telematics industryschanges for the market. Cloud Services and Connected Infotainment forkey stakeholders Audi AGIn the next 5 years the number of new cars beingthe Carshipped with factory-installed telematics is set to Enhancing an Infotainment Systems ConsumerThe paramount networking opportunities thatgrow by 52%. Therefore, the question that standsUsabilityTelematics Munich offers set it apart from any otheris, Is your business ready to embrace the new, A New Era for Insurance: Profit from the Rapidlyevent. The conference and exhibition provides youdynamic revenue streams that are opening up? Expanding Sector with the chance to hear from and network with the automakers who are continually striving to buildInitiatives such as the open-source infotainmentelematics Application and Usage within Car as aT new partnerships.platforms are creating high expectations resultingService Secure your place on the front row of Europesin necessary industry-wide cooperation. Forming eCall Implementation in Europe and Other largest telematics conference.these critical partnerships early will be vital toRegionsproduct survival in the industry. 2V Enhancing the ADAS (Advanced DriverV93% of 2010 delegates said the conferenceTelematics Update has kept up with the latest Assistance Systems) Landscapeexceeded their expectationsannouncements, partnerships deals and market Plus many more open the brochure to find out Register today, by making use of the early bookingtrends, providing you with the answers you need. more!discounts (either using the booking form enclosedin this brochure or via our secure website The Munich 2010 conference was invaluable delivered relevant content through knowledgeable speakers and presented excellent networkingSee you in Munich! opportunities Jaguar Land Rover Telematics Munich is the only place to receive the very latest telematics business intelligence. We have Emily Savage recruited speakers from across the value chain to Conference Director, Telematics Update divulge their expertise and strategies. munich@teleamticsupdate.comExpert Speakers Include:Niclas Lindmark, Program Rudolf Streif, Director of Werner Hamberger,Per Adamsson, Candido Peterlini,Troed Sngberg,Manager - IQon open infotainment Embedded Solutions,Department Manager of HMIDirector, Volvo Group Director of Product Concept Director - Research,system, SAABThe Linux Foundation RD, Audi Telematics - Infotainment, FiatSony EricssonHarald Trautsch, CMO,Derek Williams,Dr.-Ing. Joachim Kolling,Floris van de Klashorst,Hakan Kostephen,Herbert Halamek, Key ProjectOcto TelematicsGeneral Manager of PPMDHead of Development, Director of Nokia Director - StrategyManager eMobility Solutions, ToyotaMobility Services, BMW Group Automotive, NokiaInnovation, Panasonic ContinentalMikael Gustavsson, Pierpaolo Tona, Ecall ProjectReinhard Jurk, Head of Andrew Price, Dr.-Ing. Johannes SpringerMartin Wiecker, Global DriverDirector Connectivity HUB, Officer, DG INFSO -Business Development,Practice Leader-Motor Fleet,Vice President Technology,AssistanceActive Safety,Volvo Cars European CommissionBMWZurich Deutsche TelekomFordFor the full speaker line-up and the most up to date Telematics Munich information visit
  3. 3. Organized by:Telematics Munich 2011 at a Glance Unrivalled NetworkingFactsStats for Know who youll be rubbing shoulders with in November 2011Telematics MunichView this breakdown of past attendeesTelematics Munich is attended bySolution Developers26% to see wholl be attending Telematics Munich 2011:over 500 of the telematics industrysleading decision makers. ThisAuto OEM 20%is Europes biggest gathering oftelematics executives, and the forum Hardware/ DeviceManufacturers 16%Key Stats:is growing in scope, reputation and TSP 11% 93% of 2010 delegates saidthe conference exceededimpact year on year! Tier 1 10%or far exceeded their Consultants (auto, govt, press)8%expectations 7% 84% recommend the show toWireless providersof 2010 delegates would conference Other2%a friend Telematics Munich Conference, November 9th-10th, 2011,Hilton Munich Park Hotel, GermanyDay One November 9 Day Two November 10 Keynotes and Plenary Sessions KeynotesPlenary SessionsEssential update on the European telematics market. Find out how toAnalyse key services, government initiatives and global requirements tocreate winning partnerships to carve your niche in todays marketposition your solution at the front of automaker and consumer demand Workshop Networking Lunch BreakNetworking Lunch break Track 1: Content and ConnectivityDiscuss with Europes leading Wireless Operators how the industry is changing Track 1: Content and Connectivity to accommodate telematicsDiscern automaker and Tier 1 attitudes and requirements for contentintegration to build successful partnerships that captivate consumersand explore the emerging open platform territoryTrack 4: Advanced Telematics Applications and Services Look at some of the emerging large scale applications of telematics systems Track 2: Insurance and Commercial Telematics such as Electric Vehicle and Community Car Projects Hear how automakers, Insurers, Fleet managers and TSPs work in unisonfor enhanced business offeringsTrack 3: Aftermarket and Navigation End of Conference Discuss advanced mapping features and aftermarket propositions that are driving consumer buy-in and re-subscriptions Networking Cocktail Reception exhibition Top Reasons To Claim Your Prime Telematics Munich Exhibition Space TodaySign up now to secure the best booth on theSign up early to capitalise on pre-event visibility Do the right thing forExpo floor and give your products and services via our network of key industry players to guaranteeyour company and bookthe competitive edge.that the industry and press talk about YOU! your space atMeet directly with your best prospects Dont forget that the Telematics Munich Exhibitionwww.telematicsmunich.and clients as Telematics Munich is the oneFloor is the place where all the deals arecom/expo before theevent where industry leaders make informed made; products are launched, showcased andfloor sells-out!procurement decisions. demonstrated.Connect with Telematics Update onand become a part of the global buzzsurrounding Telematics Munich 2011 today!
  4. 4. Day 1Nov 9th, 2011Keynote SessionsTelematics 3.0: An Essential ToolEmbracing Open Innovation in Insurance Telematics Thefor the Automotive Industrythe Automotive Space Customer Takes Centre-StageTelematics is compelling the auto industry toIn-car content offers the potential for continuous Myriad opportunities exist as to how driverrevolutionise their baseline offering. Understandrevenue generation. Understand how