The fastest electric car in the world

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<ul><li><p> blog : </p><p>Chevrolet Corvette Genovation GXE : the </p><p>fastest electric car in the world </p><p>Chevrolet Corvette Genovation GXE set a record speed of 298.8 km </p><p>per hour </p><p>after making a profound adjustment to its predecessor Z06. </p><p> electric corvette breaks speed record in a paved road, at Florida, </p><p>USA in the last February 23 </p><p>with this speed Chevrolet Corvette Genovation GXE </p><p>has become the fastest electric car in the world. </p><p>Chevrolet Corvette Genovation GXE has broken the record of its </p><p>previous car </p><p> which stood at 283.2 kilometers per hour </p><p> as the Association of International Marathons and Distances has </p><p>licensed the new record. </p><p></p></li><li><p>the new car owners implemented all the amendments based on their </p><p>desire, </p><p>Saul the driver of the car said : </p><p> Chevrolet does not have any relation with the amendments made to </p><p>the car </p><p>regardless of that the company was known all of these adjustments. </p></li><li><p>electric motors of the car generate a power of 700 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque . </p><p> 6-speed manual gearbox </p><p> speed acceleration up to 100 kilometers per hour in three seconds </p><p> ability to be driven up to 120 miles on a single charge under normal </p><p>driving conditions. </p><p>Chevrolet Corvette Genovation GXE is also characterized by ideal </p><p>balance 50/50% </p><p>between the front and the rear and lower its center of gravity as </p><p>much as possible. </p><p>if records is a selling point for you , Genovation Cars will happily </p><p>convert your existing C6 Corvette for $290,000. However, if youre </p><p>short a C6 Corvette, $330,000 is the price to pay. </p><p>( please support us with a comment and share with your friends ) </p></li></ul>